Jan 20

This is the end…

After five years of holding this blog, we have now come to an impossible situation. Indeed, as a teacher, I now have so much on my hands that it has become impossible for me to continue correcting and posting the articles of the pupils at a rate compatible with syllabus work and the necessities of grading.


As a result, there will be only one last set of articles, after which we will sign off indefinitely, much to our collective chagrin.

I hope I will be able to pick up where we will have left off, at some not-too-distant point in the foreseeable future, although I am not at all certain this will happen.


It has been wonderful writing for you, and getting messages of support for our endeavours. Thank you so much.

Jan 15


                                                              Hello today I make pancakes and I wanted to share this moments with you!


  1.                           – 2 eggs
  2.                           -50 grams of salted butter
  3.                           -35 centilitre of milk
  4.                          -50 grams of granulated sugar
  5.                          -300 grams of flour
  6.                          -2 bags of baking powder ( 20 grams)



Mix the flour, the sugar and the baking powder in a salad bowl. Let the butter melt in the slightly lukewarm milk and pour onto the previous mix. Add slightly beaten eggs and mix with a hand whisk to get a thick crepe pastry . Let rest 30 minutes at room temperature.

  • Heat a large frying pan with an anti-adhesive coating. Brush it with oil and deposit a small ladle of  pancake mix. Cook for 1 minute, more or less, and turn pancakes when small bubbles  start to appear on the surface. Let the second side brown and serve pancakes without waiting. Classically, coat with maple syrup, honey, jam, or red fruit jelly. For mellower pancakes, utilize the « type 65 » flour.

To accompany this version  of pancakes, you can fry bananas with a little honey. Add a little  orange juice in order to obtain a touch of acidity. Add dried fruits around your pancakes. It is very delicious.

I hope that this recipe will please you and  you’ll have a good meal.

Jan 13

Fenix (Toulouse Handball Club)

The FENIX Toulouse Handball is a French handball club located in Toulouse.

This club was created in 1964 within the ASEAT.

In 1978, it joined the Stade Toulousain and then separated from them in 1989, taking the name of Sporting Toulouse 31. In 1996, it became Toulouse Handball, one of the Spacers, the common name given to several second-string Toulouse clubs (basketball, volleyball And rugby to XIII). In 2003, it took the name of Toulouse Union Handball (TUHB) simplified into Toulouse Handball in 2007.
Its results have been:
-Coupe de France (French Cup)
winner : 19985
Finalist : 1999
-Coupe de la Ligue (League Cup)
Finalist : 2015
-Champion of Nationale 26
Winner : 1982, 1991

The team for the 2016-2017 season is composed of :
Yassine Idrissi
Vasko Ševaljević
Pierrick Chelle (Capitaine)
Clément Perez
Andreas Cederholm
Maxime Gilbert
Wesley Pardin
Álvaro Ruiz
Ferran Solé Sala
Romain Ternel
Fredric Pettersson
Nemanja Ilić
Cyril Morency
Rémi Calvel
Jordan Bonilauri
Petr Linhart

Jan 11

The merens horse🐴

He live in Ariège (France)


It’s a very ancient breed, which lives in herds in the mountains.

He’s between 1m45 and 1m55 tall, about 14 hh  (horse hands). He weighs between 400 and 650 kg. He is always black.

He is quiet and docile.

He is used for trekking, harnessing, trick (acrobatic) riding and leisure riding.

He has very sure foot, but has a lot of horsehair!

Jan 11

Pyrenean Mountain Dog 🐶

The Pyrenean Mountain dog is white or white with grey spots.


This breed of dog should not be confused with the Pyrenean Shepherd.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is also nicknamed « Patou ».

Their life expectancy is 11 years.

This dog’s character is a  bit difficult.

Its size is of 70 a 80 cm, and its weight is between 56 and 64 kg for the male. Its size is of 65 a 72 cm, and its weight is of 50 a 59 kg for the female.

Jan 09


Ubisoft is a video game entreprise, based in Montpellier, a big city of the south of France. It makes very popular games like Rayman, or Assassin’s Creed. The company often makes its games on PS4, and a little on Wii U. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the last game they made, and is on PS4. Ubisoft’s logo is a  white spirale: it is presented at each beginning of a Ubisoft game. Ubisoft hasn’t created consols, but it his a big company liked by many videogame fans.

This company has created a game on smartphone: Rayman Jungle Run, a game where the player, Rayman, runs unendingly and must avoid obstacles. Ubisoft isn’t famous in Asian countries, like Japan, or China but he popular in European countries like France or Spain.

The company has existed from 1986, and Assassin’s Creed became popular in 2007. The company is also in Montréal, a city of Canada. Les Lapins Crétins is also a popular licence of Ubisoft, and there is a tv series of them: « Les Lapins Crétins: Invasion ».

My brother wants to work in this company because its close to our home and that’s cool.

their logo

Jan 07

The Polygone of Beziers

Hello, today I present The Polygone of Beziers.

Beziers is located in the South of France, near Narbonne.

The Polygone is a big shopping center.

But there is a Polygone also in Toulouse…

In the Polygone of Beziers there are shops, restaurants, bowling, cinema and events. There are more shops: food shop, toy shop, book shop… There are department stores: Cultura, La Grande Récré, H&M…

There is a underground parking and if you have a pass, it’s free.

In December, there are three Sundays when you can test new technology: Oculus Rift, in 2016.

Goodbye, until we meet again for another article. Go to the Polygone of Beziers!

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Jan 07

The Amphoralis museum

1.What is this ?

It is a famous museum of the South of France .It is located in Sallèles-d’Aude, near Narbonne .

It was created in 1992 after the discovery of pottery and many ovens .

After finding the pottery…they built the museum over the dig so the visitors could see  the search.

2.What we do we in the museum ?

In the museum , we can see the dig .But we can also investigate to discover the history of pottery .

In the museum there is an « arboretum », which is a garden with lots of plants. You can see a big big house in the garden. It is a reconstituted house. And very importantly, you can see the famous  » Gauloise 4″, which is a famous pottery in Amphoralis.

3.What I think …? 

I think than Amphoralis is a great museum , with lots of information .Thanks for reading!

I wish you a happy new year ! Bye !

Jan 05

Hunting in the south of France

France has about 1,200,000 hunters. Hunting is an activity of leisure and freedom. Thus, beyond the primary objective of the search for a wild animal.

In the Cathar country of the South of France, hunting is in all the villages.

Type of game: pheasants, partridges, thrushes, rabbits and hares. In hunting small game there is the woodcock, a migratory bird,  which is hunted with pointer dogs.

Jan 05

Gabriel Fauré



Gabriel Fauré was born in Pamiers in 1845. He was a very 
great pianist. 
He was also a great French composer. 
He was one of the greatest French musicians of the late
 nineteenth and early twentieth century.

He was the pupil of Saint-Saëns, at the Ecole Niedermeyer
 (Nidermeyer School) of Paris. 
It was a school of classical and religious music.

He was appointed professor of composition at the 
Conservatoire de Paris. 
Then he became director of the establishment from 1905 
to 1920.

He had lived his childhood at Foix in Ariège.

He died on November 4th, 1924 (at 79 years) in Paris. 
He had composed numerous piano music pieces such as: Nocturnes, Impromptus, etc .....