List of possible topics for your oral exam – STG / Sujets possibles Bac oral STG

here is a list which is not complete for sure as there are hundreds of possible documents and therefore possible themes. But here are some of the recurring subjects that you could have to deal with for your oral exam:,7/i-want-you-to-speak-english_v106_400x%5B1%5D%5B1%5D.gif

Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, … = dangers and benefits).

Food (problems of obesity, organic food VS GM Food, …).

Discrimination and Racism (segregation, Apartheid, racism today, …)

The environment (global warming, pollution, endangered species, green concerns …).

Smoking (health, smoking bans, …).

North VS South (how wealth is unequally distributed, …).

Our consumer society (shopping addiction, over-consumption, exploitation of child workers, globalization, fair trade, …).

Appearances and looks (looks, tattoos and piercing, …).

The American Dream (problems of immigration, success, metling-pot, failure of integration, …).

Women’s roles in society (evolution, place at work, differences between men and women, …). 

Afro Americans throughout history (from Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King to Barack Obama).

Television and cameras (reality television, surveillance of society with CCTV, …).

New technologies (the Internet, computers, mobile phones, blogs, (il)legal downloading, …).

Travelling (trips, holidays, …).

Teenager-parent relationship (rebellion, generation gap, …).

Guns (policies in the US, school shootings, …).

The Law (death penalty, road safety, …).

Good luck !!!

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