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School year 2014/2015

Epreuves du BAC

Compréhension orale au cours du 2ème trimestre de terminale (CCF)

3 écoutes séparées d’une minute. Les supports sont audios ou vidéos et sont liés aux notions.

Prise de notes pendant chaque écoute. Le candidat dispose ensuite de 10 minutes pour rendre compte par écrit en français de ce qu’il a compris.

Expression orale au cours du 3ème trimestre de terminale (CCF)

Le candidat tire une des notions du programme étudiées dans l’année (Espaces et échanges/ Mythes et héros/ l’idée du progrès et lieux et formes du pouvoir).

Après un temps de préparation (10 minutes), le candidat présente la notion (5 minutes), ensuite il y a  5 minutes d’interaction avec le professeur. Durée totale de l’évaluation : 10 minutes.


Expression orale : Present the notion you have to deal with

A) How to introduce your topic

– I am going to talk about the notion of progress/ Space and exchanges/ Myths and heroes/ Locations and forms of power.

– First of all, I’d like to give a definition of ….

– In order to illustrate the notion, I have chosen two documents…

-Let me explain the reason why I have chosen ….

– To my mind, the documents that seem to illustrate the notion are …

B) How to talk about a document you have studied in relation to the notion

a) Say what the document is about.

-It deals with/focuses on a major issue./It raises the problem of ….

– It indicates/shows/implies/suggests/proves that ….

-He / She describes/draws our attention to the fact that …

– He/she refers to/mentions…

-He/She shows/points out that/ underlines/emphasizes that…

-He/she argues/claims that…

b) Explain the author’s or narrator’s point of view

 For : He/she approves of … He/she sides with …. He/she stands for … He /she advocates …

Against : He / she criticizes / blames ….. for something/v-ing /  He /she objects to v-ing/ He/she disapproves of …

He/she denounces/condemns/exposes …

Neutral : He/she doesn’t side with …. He/she is unbiased (impartial) / He/she analyses/comments on/reveals/informs us that ….

c) Explain the link with the notion you have to talk about

– The narrator’s attitude is typical of… The narrator embodies….. (incarne)

-It is an interesting/ relevant illustration of … in so far as ….

– In many respects the extract from the recording/ the report shows that…/proves that…

– Both the article and the ad/film prove/show/indicate/make us realize/ become aware that/understand that…

– In both documents/in the three documents, the idea/ the argument put forward is ….

-There is a relationship between….and….

-The author/poet/playwright/journalist/painter/film director/singer/artist wants to draw or attention to …

D) Make a personal conclusion and give your opinion on the document

– I have the feeling that ….. I can’t help thinking that …. We are given the impression that …. We must acknowledge that….

– I’m afraid I disagree with the idea that… It is worth mentioning that ….. We should keep in mind that …. We must not forget that …..


 La compréhension écrite et l’expression écrite sont évaluées lors des épreuves du BAC en Juin.


Séquence 1 : Global cities (spaces and exchanges)

Compréhension orale/expression orale

Your project : Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of living in a global city. (In pairs, debate your ideas)

Séquence 2 : Consumerism (idea of progress)

Compréhension orale / expression orale

Your project : Make a speech to explain the risks of frenzy shopping and define what a conscious customer should be like. (3 mn)

Séquence 3 : African American Recognition (Places and forms of power)

Compréhension orale / expression orale

Your project : Choose one aspect of African American culture (music, literature, films, art, photography, sport) or politics and make an oral presentation for Black History month in your high school.

( in pairs, 3 mn each)

Séquence 4 : Successful careers (Myths and heroes)

Compréhension écrite/ expression écrite

Your project : You are at a junior firm contest. Create a leaflet to present your new business to potential investors. (in pairs) (200 words)

Séquence 5 : Ireland’s ups and downs (Spaces and exchanges)

Compréhension écrite/expression écrite

Entraînement à l’épreuve du BAC : compréhension écrite et expression écrite

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