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Archive for septembre, 2011

The Woodstock Festival

vendredi, septembre 30th, 2011



Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Watch this documentary about the Woodstock Festival and also about the important events that took place in the 1960s.

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A web search on Gothic literature

jeudi, septembre 29th, 2011

Web search on Gothic literature: links to useful websites

1-  http://cai.ucdavis.edu/waters-sites/gothicnovel/155breport.html

2- http://www.virtualsalt.com/gothic.htm

3- http://resources.mhs.vic.edu.au/creating/pages/origins.htm#backtotop


Caspar David Friedrich, A Walk at Dusk, 1835



Web search on Gothic literature

Website n°1 :

I- 1- Who were the Goths originally ?

2- What did Gothic literature get its name from?

II- 3- During which period was Gothic literature at its peak?

4- Name a present-day writer who uses Gothic elements.

5- Which atmosphere can you find in Gothic novels?

6- What is the archetype of the Gothic hero?


Website n°2:

7- What was the first Gothic novel entitled? Who wrote it? When?

8- What is the typical setting of a Gothic novel?

9- What type of women can you find in Gothic novels?


Website n°3:

10- What typical motifs can you find in Gothic stories?



11- Choose one of the paintings under the list of websites and identify the Gothic elements present in this painting.


12- Here are some of the most famous Gothic novels. Find out the name of their author and when they were written:

a- Frankenstein:

b- Wuthering Heights:

c- Dracula:

d- The picture of Dorian Gray:

e- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:

f- The Fall of the House Usher:

g- The Monk:

h- The Mysteries of Udolpho:

13- Here is the photo of one of the authors you mentioned in exercise 12. Find out who he is, what his nationality is, when he was born and when he died.



Read a short story

mardi, septembre 27th, 2011


Click HERE to read the Tell-Tale Heart, one of Edgar Allen Poe‘s most famous short stories, a classic of the Gothic fiction genre.

The Statue of Liberty: a symbol of friendship between the USA and France

dimanche, septembre 25th, 2011

The Statue of Liberty in thick morning fog on September 22, 2011:

The French President and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took part in a ceremony in anticipation of the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty on Thursday, September 22. The statue, which is a gift from France to the USA, will turn 125 on October 28. Read an article from the New York Times entitled: ‘Joyeux Anniversaire (un peu tôt), Lady Liberty’ (click HERE)


The US/ Mexico border

vendredi, septembre 23rd, 2011
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Why is English a global language?

mercredi, septembre 21st, 2011
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The longest words in the English language

jeudi, septembre 15th, 2011
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Les nombres et les dates en anglais

mercredi, septembre 14th, 2011


0 =   zero, nought (GB)

1 = one

2 = two

3 = three

4 = four

5 = five

6 = six

7 = seven

8 = eight

9 = nine

10 = ten

11 = eleven

12 = twelve

13 = thirteen

14 = fourteen

15 = fifteen

16 = sixteen

17 = seventeen

18 = eighteen

19 = nineteen

20 = twenty

21 = twenty-one

22… = twenty-two…

30 = thirty

40 = forty

50 = fifty

60 = sixty

70 = seventy

80 = eighty

90 = ninety

100 = a / one hundred

101 = one hundred and one

200 = two hundred (invariable)

des centaines de… = hundreds of… (on ne peut mettre la marque du pluriel à hundred, thousand, million… que quand ils sont suivis de ‘of’ – ce sont des noms)

900 = nine hundred

1,000 = one thousand

2, 345 = two thousand two hundred and forty-five (on place le mot ‘and’ devant les unités de 1 à 99)

100,000 = a hundred thousand

1,000,000 = a / one million

1,000,000,000 = a thousand million / a milliard (GB) / a billion (US) / un milliard (French)

1,000,000,000,000 = a billion (GB) / a trillion (US) / un billion (French)

1.5 = one point five (en français: un virgule cinq)


1492 = 14/92 = fourteen ninety-two

1905 = nineteen o five

2001 = two thousand and one

Why is New York City called the Big Apple?

mercredi, septembre 14th, 2011


Click on this LINK to find out the answer.

Voyage aux Etats-Unis

mardi, septembre 13th, 2011


Je travaille à la mise en place d’un échange entre des élèves de première et des élèves du lycée Broad Run à Ashburn en Virginie, à l’ouest de Washington D.C. Il sera lié à un travail effectué dans le cadre de l’aide personnalisée (approfondissement en anglais et histoire-géographie)  entre les mois de septembre et de décembre. Le voyage aux Etats-Unis aura lieu en février et les élèves américains viendront à la fin du mois de juin, après les épreuves du baccalauréat.  Si vous êtes intéressé, signalez-vous rapidement auprès de moi en salle 107.