27 club : Rock culture

1 10 2017

As we talked about the 27 Club, some the singers who are sadly listed in the club

Amy Winehouse

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Janis Joplin

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The Doors : Jim Morrison

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Kurt Cobain, une chanson de David Bowie

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Jimmy Hendrix

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Have great holidays !

27 06 2017

Saturday,May 6th France O série The Railway Underground

6 05 2017

France O diffuse une série sur le Railway Underground

Voir article Télérama sur John Legend qui produit cette série  « Le musicien John Legend : “Les séries peuvent être un outil de résistance”


Farewell Leonard Cohen

11 11 2016
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Un hommage à Mickael Jackson par un chorégraphe

2 10 2016

 »Michael wanted to spread good in our world trying to change the bad and heal the world for some of its problems. Unfortunately the world is still in a troubling state. In these times many people look at various links on social media and unfortunately react with fear, hatred and immediately close their arms. Instead we should open up our arms and look to solve the problems together. There should be room for everyone in this world. No matter what you look like, what religion you have or where you come from. We are all one. That’s the purpose of this video. To remind all of us how incredibly important love and freedom is and to put something good out into this world. Something that will unite people from all around the globe. The world is beautiful. We should all enjoy it together. »
Tobias Ellehammer


Monday, May 2nd terminales

2 05 2016









Grille d’écoute de la CO

questionaire on The Wall p20 Meeting point

Terminales Idea of progress : The Turing test: Can a computer pass for a human? – Alex Gendler

1 05 2016
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Friday, February 12th terminales

12 02 2016

LUNDI : relire l’article de journal et être capable de le présenter .

American elections :

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script de la vidéo

Documents :

the Electoral College      The White House             Us parties symbols

The candidates

Monday,February 8th terminales Gun owners of America

8 02 2016

Listen again to the document and thanks to the worksheet gun owners of America, write down a sum up in English.

Friday, January 29th terminales

29 01 2016

Here is the video you’ll have to study Monday

I’ll give you a direct link on scolinfo to download it on a usb device so as to be able to watch it with VLC player and slow it down if you need !

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