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30 08 2015

back to school








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Monday, March 30th terminales: Dad cooks, Mom works

30 03 2015

For Tuesday, April 7th

Answer the following questions in your copybooks

Take notes about the family members and their activities.

Explain what the expression  » dissolving of gender roles »means.

List all the reasons that explains this phenomenon.

Explain why it is seen as a major change.

Compare Amy and Eric’s family life with the family life you are personally considereing in your future.

Make a brief summary in French.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

News in Levels : India : Math stops a marriage !

28 03 2015

News in Levels   Math stops a marriage


Tuesday, March 24th terminales

24 03 2015

For Monday : complete the worksheet Mission New Family Structures

HERE  the audio

Read the two documents B « Questions about blending families » and C  » Putting reality on screens »

In your notebook text B , do questions 1 and 2. text C : questions 1 , 2 and 3.

Check the vocabulary .


News in Levels :Iron Man gives a boy a bionic arm

23 03 2015

News in Levels :Iron Man gives a boy a bionic arm


Wednesday,March 18th terminales

18 03 2015

Comme je ne vous ai pas tous vu mardi, voici le travail pour lundi prochain.

Faire la feuille « How to organize your thoughts »

Completer le tableau et faire l’exercice.

Le poly donné en classe « New family structures » : lire les deux textes, chercher voc inconnu et l’écrire dans le cahier.

Nous ferons lundi aussi, les oraux en retard !

Thursday, March 12 th DST terminales mercredi

12 03 2015

DST  en rapport avec le thème traitée en ce moment Women through the decades


Tuesday, March 10th Terminales men vs female : stereotype ?

10 03 2015

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.


definition of stereotype

cambridge dictionary


Monday, March 9 th Gender : stereotypes ?

9 03 2015

CopiedeFocusongender   Here is your work on census

Bozetto : male vs female

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Bowie : terminales padlet on Bowie

7 03 2015







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