21 09 2009

img_0232Bonjour! Je m’apelle Alexandra. J’ai 16 ans, je suis 17 en janvier. J’habite en Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Je vais au lycee Taconic. Quand je ne suis pas à l’ecole, je suis avec mes amies. Mon meilleur amie s’appelle Danielle, ella a 16 ans comme moi. J’ai deux animaux, une chat qui s’appelle Mona, et une petite chien, qui s’appelle Mercy, il est un caniche miniature. J’ai les cheveux bruns, et les yeux marron. Je fais l’atheletism mais je n’aime pas ça. J’ai un frére qui s’appelle Eliot, il à 19 ans. Ma coleur préféré est turqouise. Mon pére est propriétaire d’un restaurant, est ma mére est un thérapeute. De coté de mon pére, j’ai une tante et deux oncles et de coté de ma mére, j’ai deux tantes et deux oncles. Je voudrais aller au France à l’avenir parce que j’adores la français. Au Revoir!!

Salutttt =]

18 09 2009


Bonjour! Je m’appelle Jamie. Je suis de Pittsfield en Massachusetts, et je vais au lycee Taconic. J’ai 16 ans. Je suis tres sympa et amusante, et O.K. au parler francais. J’ai les cheveux et les yeux bruns, et je suis de la taille moyenne. J’ai un frere qui s’appelle Jeremy, et un petit chien, Sandy; elle est tres mignonne. Pendant le weekend, j’aime aller chez mes amis, faire du shopping, et ecoute la musique; Taylor Swift, Boys II Men, Chris Brown et plus. Je suis tres excite que je te parle! J’adore francais.. j’aimerais aller en France aussi! Alors, c’est moi. =]

HellO !

18 09 2009

My name is Virginie ! I’m 16 . I’ve brown hair and nuts eyes.

I live in Douarnenez, Finistère. I’ve got two brothers who are named Lukas and thomas. I’ve got two cats,  they are nice. I study economics and sociology at school Jean-Marie Le Bris. I pratice athletics everyday, I love it. This helps me to relax.

I like listening to music. I listen to  three days grace , Paramore, several groups of rock

My favourite movie is Twilight because I like  Stephanie Meyer’s books.

Nice to meet you

18 09 2009

My name’s Florian, I’m 16 years old, I’m living in Kerlaz, a little city near Douarnenez. I have a brother and a sister. I spend a lot of time to play the guitar and drums, and to listen to music. I have played music for seven years. This year, I ‘m gonna to play the guitar in a band.
I like going out with my friends and my girlfriend, I go to the beach often, I like the cinema. I have learned English for 4 years. I don’t pratice sport because I have not time, but I like it. I’m happy to exchange with you and I hope to know more about you!
See you later 😀

Hi !

18 09 2009

Hiiii !!!! =]

I’m Angélique, I’m 16 years old, I’m living in douarnenez,in brittany.All the time i’m listening music from bands like : Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape The Fate… I Love Playing the Guitar and Spending my time with my friends, my boyfriend, making a lot of activities( shopping…). I love taking a lot of pictures ( friends, landscapes… ). One of my dreams is to go to the U.S.A more exactly in San Francisco. That’s awesome to exchange with you i’m waiting your answer =] Bye !

Agathe =D

18 09 2009


 Hi =)

My name is Agathe, I’m 16 years. My birthday it’s in july the 8. Now in France it’s the time to go back to school, I’m not really happy because it’s the end of summer holidays, it’s my favorite moment of the year because I can go to the beach all the time and meet a lot of different people. I love take photos [ of my friends, the animals, the nature ] and this year I began to play guitar. I practice horse-ridding but just for the fun I don’t like competion.  I live with my parents in a house, I have a cat is really cut ^^

After school I want to travel on the world to know new people and different cultures.

Hello everybody. =)

18 09 2009

Hiii!. =)

My name is Louise (to the right), i’m 16. I’m a dynamic girl who likes music ( rock music: B4MV, blink182, Muse, The All American Reject.. ) I pratise hand-ball and badminton because I like moving and all my friends play with me in my team. I like sport in general, particularly tennis, I supporte Rafael Nadal ( He is the best =P). About my family, I have one sister and one brother who are 24 and 26. I live in Douarnenez with my parents and one cat who is so cute. =) I have brown eyes and my hair are brown. I spend my time to listen music, to go shopping with my bests friends. I‘m in 1ère ES, I like actuality and I will like more traveling around the world .

I enjoy to speaking with you because USA is a « dream » for me. And i’m really happy to meet and echange with American people.

HellOow =)

18 09 2009

My name is Jeff, i’m 17 and 18 in april. I love drawing ( manga and portraits) , playing the guitar (  acoustic and electric, I started last chrismas ), listening to music ( rock, hard rock, punk, metal, emocore,… and my favorite band is  Escape The Fate ).Curently, i don’t do  sport, but before I did swimming, horse-ridding, dancing, Aikido, athletism, archery, …^^ . I speak  english, spanish and i started japanese. I’m searching for people to can make  a band of rock =) .                                    

See You Later .. =D

P S : my blog is


18 09 2009

My name is Anna-Sophie. I’m german but I will spend this year in France.

Here I go to school  in Douarnenez.  I’m  16 years old and my birthday is on the 18. december.  I live with my hostfamily in Brittany. I like the people and the life here in France but it is difficult for me to understand the teachers at school. In Germany I have three sisters. My parents own a restaurant. We have two horses and a cat.

In my freetime I like doing something with my friends, going to partys, listening to music. I played volleyball for 3 years in a team and I often had matchs at the weekends. I also played the piaono for 4 years. I love dancing with a partner (standart dance). I have been dancing with a good friend for 2 years.

I love going shopping, going to the cinema and being with my family. In my hostfamily I have two sisters and one brother. I really enjoy being here!

I’m happy to speak with you. Good bye 🙂

Hi guys!

18 09 2009

Nice to meet you! My name’s Michelle, I’ll turn 16 on the 1st of October. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes.
I live in Douarnenez, a little town in Brittany with my parents.
I’m in second year of High School and I’m in litterature section. I’ve studied English for 5 years and I want to live in an English speaking country for one year when I’ll graduate from High School.

I’ve got one older brother and one older sister, 2 pets : a cat (which is kind of crazy and weird) and a dog. I like bright colors like green, orange and yellow... I enjoy listening to music (mostly from 60s/70s).

I hope we’ll get along well, so long!!