Manon and Camille

23 01 2012


I’m sorry because we are having exams and we cannot make a video but in a short time you can see that soon. The video of Lucie and me is about the french food. I’ll be very happy if you like this video and the subject. Thank you very much for your video.



Hi :). This is a long time since we have not written anything here, but we had got some exams.
In fact in France this is the time of « Bac Blanc » so we didn’t have the time to do something in this blog.
But now we come back 😉 , and we’re going to do videos to show you some aspects of our life.
In my own video I would like to show you some things in my life : my house, animals, family, friends,
my mum’s shoeshop and some landscapes near my home.
In addition we would like to speak more with you, and maybe we can exchange our Facebook’s addresses :D.
It will be good to do that to know you in a better way.
See you soon ! :D. Camille


the twins

23 01 2012


It’s  Sarah and Morgane (the twins), we are very sorry and confuse but we can’t see your movies because at school the computer can’t read them. We are going to try to see them at home and we are going to make a short movie for you too. P.S : Our surname is Lefèvre (you can find us on facebook).

What do you think about our advence about the « Menier » chocolate ?? What do you would to see in our movie ? We think that we are going to show you our house and the « neibourhood » 😉


We are back :-)

23 01 2012

During the last weeks, we had exams and that is why we didn’t say anything about your videos. It’s interesting because we see your life, where you live. Now, we make videos like you, on our passions, they arrived soon. 🙂
alan and enzo

Hello !

23 01 2012

Hi , It’s Ludivine ! Finally we come back ! Sorry to be so late but as Mme Delafray said,

we had exams !

So, this week with yanice (friend in my class) we make a video like you ! We don’t know

what we are going to do. But we have some ideas !

I would like to know if I could have your facebook address because I think it’s more

easier to comunicate ! And you could see more pictures !

Byye !

Hey !

23 01 2012

Hi ! Sorry too haven’t be more present but we had some exams so we needed to work.

I didn’t see your clip because at our school the computers had problems. But with

Ludivine, this week on wednesday we’re going to do our own clip together, for you.

We don’t know again what we are going to do but don’t worry it will be great !

And could we have your facebook address, it will be better to speak together and we could see our pictures





5 01 2012

Merci pour les vidéos que vous avez envoyées

Bientôt vous aurez les notres mais il faut attendre un peu : c’est l’époque du bac blanc!!

A trés bientôt donc