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27 09 2013
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Aissata, « terminale L. »

19 09 2013


I’m Aissata, but everybody called me Aicha, it’s my nickname. I’m 17.I’m live in Douarnenez since 10 years. Before, I lived in Paris. I’m African. I have got one brother (Eddy, 4) et two sisters (Luna 13, Nell 11). My parents are separated. My father live in Paris and my mother live in Douarnenez. My mother has met un man, who is today my step-father, but I considered as my father because I haven’t got a good relationship with him. He made his life with a other woman et others childrens. I love sport more precisely track and field. I train for the long  jump  and the 400m. I pratice this sport during 8 years with my two best-friends : Leila and Loeiza.Later,  I would be either a professional sport or a bosinewoman. I like to dance, to go in nightclub, to go out with my friends, to go shopping , to read and take care of my hair.

To answer  your question you asked us :

In France, we must have 18 years old for to work . Morevor, the afternoon, we are at the school.


Bye, » Kenavo »  ( Bretons say that to say goodbye)


19 09 2013

Hi, I’m Manon and I’m 16years old. I’m very happy to speak with you and to learn your culture.

So, for the job, I work on holidays in the sale of fruits and vegetables. I work to pay my university next year, my trips, and also my  driving license. I like to have this job because it’s very easy and I work just in the morning so I have my afternoon to do my homework or go out with my friends. Next year, I will go to Brest where I will go for the university and try to find a new job to have new experiences. I work just on holiday because I’m at school and in France, we work from 8:00am to 16:30pm all days excepts saturday and sunday where we don’t go to school. So I don’t have the time to have a job  the night otherwise I would too much be overwhelmed

19 09 2013

hi !!! I’m Naina. I’m so exited to share  our culture, our every day life, our passion, our projets with you.

I think this idea of a blog is a good choice.

So you asked me if I work outside  school… No, in any case  not during the school’s period. I’m so busy ! I have not only that to do ! As every high school student of France  We work 35 hours a week, so when we have finished the lessons  we  settle down at home in front of tv, computer or we go outside to see our friend and talk about every thing exept about school. I know that you work after school, and you keep your money sometimes for the university, clothese, cars … You are more independent, you learn to manage your money, and to became an adult

Hi everyone! :)

19 09 2013


We are Camille and Mary, two girls from Terminale L. Teminale means that we are at the end of high school, and L means we study literature.

We have school everyday (execpt in the weekend) 8AM to 5PM, with a break for lunch at 12AM. We don’t have time to work in our week! Sometimes, french teenagers work during the summer holidays: in France, it’s difficult to work if we are not 18 years old, so when we find a little job for summer we are very very glad! In general teenargers work in fastfood company (like McDonald, KFC, …) or they are baby-sitters! Neither of us has worked in a fastfood restaurants, but we have been baby-sitters for 1 ou 2 weeks in summer: it was good for us, we earned some money for our pleasure.

After high school, we want to go to university in Brest (it’s about 1 hour from our high school in Douarnenez) to study languages. Camille wants to study english and chinese, and Mary wants to study english and spanish. This language degree lasts 3 years, so we will live in Brest for 3 years and we had to earn money to pay our flat… We are thinking that it  will be very difficult to live without our fathers! We will be alone…*haha*

Océane And Meghan

19 09 2013

Hi everybody! I’m Meghan Mocaer, I’m in terminale L.

My hobbies are reading books, listening to music and the things  concerning english.I’ve got two little sisters, Amelie and Emilie, they are twins. They are both 9.

In the beginning of 2014, I’ve planned to go to New York with my former english teacher and his class.

next year I want to go to university because I want to become an english teacher in a secondary school

bye! 😀

Hi ! I’m Océane and I am in Terminal L.

I choose to go in this class because I want to work in the social and also because I don’t like maths. Before, I wanted  to become a Primary school teacher but during holidays I worked with children at a Day nursery and I realized i’ts difficult.   Ihave been in the  school  » jean marie le bris  » for five years now. I love being with my friends.

19 09 2013

Hi ! I’m Axel and I’m 18 years old. I live in Douarnenez just next to the school. This year I’m in Terminal L my last in Jean-Marie-Le-Bris ( after 7 years there ). I practice Handball in a club and I like music. I play the drums and guitar in a band with 3 other friends. I don’t have project for the future at the moment, but if I could live thanks to the music it will be perfect ( it’s more a dream… ).  Otherwise I like to be decontracted and have parties with my friends.

To answer  your question you asked us :  first, we must be 18 years old to work legaly, and it’s difficult to have time to work mainly when you are in « terminal » or more. On the other side we can work during holidays ( that’s what I did ), and instead of choosing the  » lycée enseignement  general »  you could go in « lapprentissage  » with a boss to learn a job ( you’re paid during the learning ). I hope I answer  your question. I f you don’t understand something, tell me and I could answer again!

Bye !

Here we are Elisa and Chloé

19 09 2013

Hello, our names are Elisa and Chloé, we are delighted to speak with you ! We will talk about ourselves, our studies in our high school, our activities and our jobs.

We are 17 and we have been studying literature since last year. We have a lot of english hours (7 hours a week), and we enjoy this subject. However, we have too many hours of philosophy (9 hours a week), and that is a little boring. Outside school, we play basketball and we enjoy watch movies. The summer, we appreciate to go camping together, it’s funny. The week-end and during the holidays, we have both a job. Chloé works in a supermarket (« intermarché »), she can be a cashier or put items on shelves. She wants to earn money to pay her clothes, her parties and to move in a flat next year. Elisa works in a residence (« Pierre & Vacances ») where she works as a cleaning woman. She wants to earn money to pay the same things as Chloé, and maybe to buy a car next year. We don’t work everyday because our school days are too busy We think that the life in the USA is better (because of what we see in movies), and we would be curious to discover your country…  😉


here we are

11 09 2013

une nouvelle année commence

11 09 2013