School in France (:

28 03 2014

To me, School in France is a really good thing and chance for us, French people. In some countries, children can have access to it.

Without school, without any degree, it’s really difficult to find a job, and without a job everyone knows that it’s hard to live happy and adequately.

The school gives us our personality, our habits.. It’s at school where I have found a lot of my friends (and boyfriend to n_n)

The school teaches us to do our homework regularly, to follow some rules…

In Jean Marie Le Bris there is no violence, no big conflicts between 2 or more students.. it’s may be because it’s a small college in a small city, in big cities (as Paris) there is  certainly more than here but I don’t really know..


~ Mary

My point of view of school

27 03 2014

Hi ! I’m going to talk about my point of view about school:)

At first, I think that going to school is a good opportunity. Indeed, if we look at the statistics about all children who can’t go to school, we can consider that we , people of western countries, are lucky.
Some say school is boring and a terrible punishment, a constraint, but in my opinion, education is the basis of life 🙂

However, I am looking forward to leave my school because I have been studying in Jean Marie Le Bris for 7 years and I can’t wait to go to « Brest » to do my studies, because it’s going to be something which really interests me 🙂

Bye ! -Elisa

School in France

26 03 2014

Hi ^^ today we have to speak about school in France, and how important school is !

In France, school is very important if you want to have a well paid  job, or your dream job, because it is difficult to find a job.. But, obviously school is not just to have a good job. It’s true that in France we have some places where there is violence, poverty and difficulties, but in our High School (Jean Marie Le Bris) there is no violence anymore.. Maybe because we  are in a small city, I don’t really know. But this type of cases is usually in big cities like Paris or Marseille: because of the big differences between the rich and the poor and also because of a certain discrimination.. The differences are bigger in the big cities, of course it’s possible in small cities too, but rare.

In school we learn a lot of important things. I think, school teaches us the notion of work, life in a community, respect, determination.. all the most important things in life! I don’t like particularly school, but it’s something beneficial for us, and we have to be careful with our schooling! For example.. Without school how could I meet my friends ? my best friend and my boyfriend ?

To finish, I think that school influence our personality for later, for example: I hate math, and I love languages! After High School and university I would like to be air hotess and to be able to manage, I want to learn Chinese ,to be better  in English and in Japanese. Of course I would like to stay as far as possible of mathematics!!! *haha* Anyway, for me school is very important step before being an adult, because we have to be able to have our life after! I don’t know if you know that in France children about 6 years to 16 years are obliged to go to school.

So, that’s what I think about school. Can I have your reaction about this! ^^



The hightschool

20 03 2014

I like high school, really. It’s just difficult to wake up in the morning but to study with my school friends, to learn together it’s good fun. My school friends are as my second family. I don’t understand the children who drop out. Thanks to highschool, we have relationships and a goal in our life. Later, our best memories will be school.