French People

15 03 2015

Everybody thinks that French people  grumble (all the time) and complain ( all the time also).

It’s absolutely true.

But there is nothing mean in fact. People often grumble when they can and for whatever whenever and it can be unpleasant but it’s not mean, it’s just the personality of French people.French people are not impolite particularly. There are impolite people in France of course but as in all coutries I think. French people are a little bit arrogant for me, I think, it’s a fault of French people but it’s just my opinion it’s not an absolute truth. Some people are very proud of their food. Honestly, I don’t like at all the French food 😉 but I believe that the French food is everywhere in the world and I think the French food is a particularity of France. French people don’t like to be bored, it’s true. But I think it’s the same for all people ? But French people are very much in a hurry, really really, they don’t like to wait, they don’t like it when all is slow, so I agree, I think that french people don’t like to be bored more than others.

I realize it’s very hard to describe the culture of a country seen from the outside. I wanted to give you the point of view of a French person to answer your questions and I hope that it helped you a little. Later I’ll write an article on France in more details.

See you later !