Basic Brittany gastronomy

18 02 2016

In France, all the family eat together in the kitchen or in the dining room but we don’t eat like the irish or the british in the living room, in front of the TV.

Do you have some semi-salted butter in America ? In Brittany we have that and we love it ! If you don’t eat it in brittany you have a bad reputation and people can say you’re not breton.

« Crêpes » are also a good brittany food and all people in the world love it ! You too I’m sure ! Enjoy you’re meal !

I don’t know what I can add but we eat some dishes of other countries like you.

Tomorrow it’s « Les Gras »in Douarnenez, we’ll enjoy it! Make some research about that.


See you & Be safe Tristan/Théo


The French Perspective

4 05 2015

Hi Everyone,

I had a few about questions about the French perspective of the United States and Americans as a whole. I noticed that tourist attractions and political terms were a major part of your perspective on America, is it because most of your views mostly come from television and movies? I also noticed that there are many comments describing America to have many racial issues, and yet just as many comments describing America to be a multinational country that embraces diversity, which perspective do you think  describes the country more and why? Thank You!

French People

15 03 2015

Everybody thinks that French people  grumble (all the time) and complain ( all the time also).

It’s absolutely true.

But there is nothing mean in fact. People often grumble when they can and for whatever whenever and it can be unpleasant but it’s not mean, it’s just the personality of French people.French people are not impolite particularly. There are impolite people in France of course but as in all coutries I think. French people are a little bit arrogant for me, I think, it’s a fault of French people but it’s just my opinion it’s not an absolute truth. Some people are very proud of their food. Honestly, I don’t like at all the French food 😉 but I believe that the French food is everywhere in the world and I think the French food is a particularity of France. French people don’t like to be bored, it’s true. But I think it’s the same for all people ? But French people are very much in a hurry, really really, they don’t like to wait, they don’t like it when all is slow, so I agree, I think that french people don’t like to be bored more than others.

I realize it’s very hard to describe the culture of a country seen from the outside. I wanted to give you the point of view of a French person to answer your questions and I hope that it helped you a little. Later I’ll write an article on France in more details.

See you later !

The real face of France!

9 03 2015

Many people have the idea that Paris is the representation of France nevertheless it’s just one town and I will show you that our France has several aspects according to where you are from. But I couldn’t agree with you more than the fact that it is complicated to see France as it  really is, so I will try to do my best for you! I will first deal with my region because it is easier for me , here landscapes are grassy and there are a lot of fields, beaches and pretty little towns but also the largest urban agglomerations as Nantes for example and even some islands. For a start there is the »Mont saint michel « which is a little island with a big castle, it’s in the middle of the sea but  near enough the earth to go and visit it with a car when there is low tide. SOme photographers love to take pictures of it in winter, because it’s surrounded by clouds and there is the mirror effect on the sea.. Moreover there is an island called « ile de batz »  (among several others I choose this one because I know it more than others)  it’s also near  the earth, but really different it’s like on an exotic island, this idea is given by the exotic garden which is inspired of chinese, tropical flowers and trees…  you can also find old monuments you can also see amazing robots.. as the elephant of Nantes which has been created by some future engineers.

baie-du-mont-saint-michel_940x705 images-4 imgres le-mont-saint-michel-dans-la-brume-orangee-0 images images-5 imgres-4


Secondly the landscapes in the south are more made for you if you are attracted by the sun, even if in our region  the weather is good and that it’s always a pleasure to go to the beach where the sun is warming beaches of fine sand and the rocks, it’s  easier to get some sun! and for sure towns are also different as Bordeaux which is in the south. We can see the big « mirroir de glace » which is a place where they have created a water bed.. and during the summer there is some water jet each five minutes! But there is also one other thing really amazing, The famous’ Dune du Pyla’ which a a big mountain of sand (really really big) and even if it’s hard to go at the top I promise that it’s worth it ! Imagine you are above a big wood and a blue sea… images-1 images-3 images-2


Then I will now show you some pictures of the middle of France but I will be honest I don’t really know it very much so I will just send you some pictures ! Sorry for that but i’m afraid I will give you false details so it’s better if you imagine by yourself through these few landscapes 🙂 I hope that now you have another idea of France even if these few examples are not the only thing that you can find here but I hope it has helped you a little 🙂  imgres-2 imgres-3imgres-1


Ma Famille

10 04 2014

Bonjour tous le monde!

De nos jours,les familles françaises sont composées, généralement de 2 enfants : 1 fille et 1 garçon.

Ma famille est très différente. Nous sommes 6 membres. Tout d’abord, mes parents sont d’origine africains. Mon père habite a Paris. Mes parents se sont séparés quand j’étais petite. Ma mère a refais sa vie avec un autre homme, un Breton. Du coup  nous sommes venus vivre en Bretagne avec mon beau-père. Ils ont ensuite eu 3 enfants: Luna 14 ans, Nell 11 ans et Eddy 5 ans. Au final, nous sommes une famille recomposées mais aussi une famille métisse depuis 11 ans. Mes demi-soeurs et mon demi-frère sont métisse. Ce mélange de culture est très présent dans notre famille. Il y a 4 ans, nous sommes tous partis en Afrique (Mali) et c’étais la première fois que mon beau-père y allais. Il a pu en découvrir davantage sur la culture africaine.

Ce métissage familial est très important pour moi. Cela nous permet de grandir et de nous intéresser davantage aux autres cultures.


Ma famille et moi-même aimons camper l’été. Nous aimons aussi aller ce promenez à la plage le dimanche. Nous aimons manger au MacDo. Nous aimons recevoir des gens. Puis, nous adorons cuisiner ensemble le dimanche.


aux Etats-Unis, comment sont les familles?

My family

10 04 2014

Hello ^^ how are you ?

Today in class, we spoke about family and more precisely about families structures. Also we have seen our article on the subject! ^^ Now it’s our turn to speak about our family 🙂 And we have to speak a little in french, so let’s go! 😉

Ma famille compte 5 membres, il y a mes parents, ma petite soeur Mathilde qui va avoir 15 ans, mon petit frère Owen qui as 12 ans et moi je suis l’ainée. Nous avons un chien et 3 chats (l’un des chats est le mien ^^ elle s’appelle Yenni) nous avons aussi des poissons et un petit oiseau. Mes parents travaillent beaucoup, on peut dire que nous sommes une famille de bosseurs 😉 haha. Mon père est chauffeur de taxi, il travaille toute la semaine mais aussi le weekend! (d’ailleurs les taxis en France et aux Etats-Unis sont très différents!) le travail de ma mère consiste à aider des personnes: à faire leurs courses et le ménage chez elles, elle est aide à domicile et travaille toute la semaine et le samedi. Nous nous entendons tous très bien dans ma famille, et il y a peu de tensions (souvent les tensions sont au sujet des taches ménagères!), en revanche nous avons des relations difficiles avec mes tantes et oncles, ainsi que mes grands-parents paternels.. Nous ne les voyons quasiment pas, et nous nous sentons mieux quand nous sommes  seulement nous 5 haha. Ma soeur, mon frère est moi nous aimons beaucoup les Etats-Unis car mon père a vécu là bas et il nous a raconter pleins d’anecdotes sur sa vie passée là bas! Nous aimerions y aller un jour si c’est possible (enfin, mon père a promis qu’il nous ferais visiter!!). Je suis très proche de ma soeur et de mon frère! Nous nous amusons beaucoup ensemble, malgré les petites différences d’âges. Je trouve que 3 enfants dans une famille c’est idéal ^^ moins ce serait moins drôle 😉  Je pense avoir dit une bonne partie sur ma famille 🙂 j’allais oublier mais, bizarrement dans ma famille: mon père, mon frère et moi nous avons les cheveux châtains, ma mère les a brun mais ma soeur elle les a blonds.. Ceci est le mystère familiale haha :’)


So that’s it for my family ^^ I hope you understand what I’m saying in French 🙂

Thank you! Camille.

Tradition in our school :)

27 02 2014


We are going to speak about « le monome » which is a traditional day in our school.

Before the baccalauréat, there is one day when every pupil in terminal throw out some eggs, milk or flour…  On other students in all the school but we don’t have the right to do this.

Last year  some pupils ran after us, we were very scared… Manon had  some flour in her bag and Mary had an egg in her shoes  ^^.

This year it’s our turn!!!!!! héhé

Have you any day like this??


Manon and Mary 😉

Hi !

1 02 2014

Hi  !

I would want to tell you : good luck for your exams!

In two weeks we have our practice tests, it’s a training but it is noted..

So, good revisions !

Bye 🙂


21 01 2014

Hi, everybody ^^ How are you ?

Our English teacher said that we have to make a little article for you, because you have an exam (if I have understood..) So! I would like to say to you « Bon Courage!! » (like we say in France! we can also say « Shit! » (« merde » in French) for an exam.. but it could be too rude for some people *haha*)

Good Luck 

Bye ^^, Camille.

Christmas time

21 12 2013

Hi, it’s Camille ^^~

I’m here to speak about Christmas! *Yes* I love Christmas time, because it’s a very beautiful time.. Winter it is a beautiful season, even if we don’t have snow in Brittany, I know how it’s sad to do not have snow in winter >< However I really love winter ♥ I like going in the town (in Douarnenez) to see Christmas decorations, but I prefer going to Quimper (a town wich is bigger than Douarnenez, and situated nearly.. 25km, I think ^^’) because Christmas decorations are absolutly beautiful! I really love Christmas time, I look like a child *sorry*

Now we are the 21th of december.. Yes, Christmas is Thusday ^o^ *youpi!* I have already bought my Christmas presents for my friends and my family *fiu* but I don’t know what we’ll eat for Christmas Eve >< I hope my mother wants to buy salmon, I love salmon.. Usually in my family we eat scallop, blinis with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and a lot of little toast with side dish ^^ and we eat a yule log (I don’t know if is the real word for it.. ><).

For my Christmas this year I have make a little wishlist: I want earings, a scarf, a big pullover, nailpolish and beauty accessories *haha*, and also Assasssin’s Creed 4: Black flag… Because I love video games :’) and an Alpacasso, it’s an Alpaca plush (we can find it in Japan!) and I like this plush, but my mother don’t like plush >< so I don’t think I’ll have an Alpacasso plush.. 🙁

I so glad, because in France, we are in winter holidays! for 2 weeks 🙂 and so I’ll be able to see my friends and make some parties, like the New  Year! I see my bestfriends for the New Year ^o^ and  you ? 🙂

See you soon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥

Bye, Camille.