Lanscape of Brittany & other interesting places around

6 10 2009

I’m going to describe Brittany and more particularly the Finistère [ my departement ]

– In Douarnenez you can go to » Les plomarc’h » it’s a sort of park, in which  we can find animals ( one donkey, 2 pigs, many goats, one horse … ) it’s cool for the young people and it’s peaceful.

– The lanscape is in front of the sea, when you go out with  terrible weather conditions ( lot of wind) it’s really fantastic…

"La pointe de la torche" a really famous place for surfboarding
« La pointe de la torche » a really famous place for surfboarding
La pointe de la torche again
La pointe de la torche again

– In some places there are what we call « menhirs « it’s  big rocks, carnac it’s famous for it. [ It’s  1h30 far from  Douarnenez ]

Les menhirs
Les menhirs


 If you want you can go on this website, it’s about tourism here, the activities you have have  and it’s in english =p [it’s a french site but there is an english version]

Food (specialities)

2 10 2009

This is an article about Brittany food, there are a lot of specialities.

First, the Kouign Aman. It’s a cake with a lot of butter and sugar which caramelizes. It’s made with what we call ‘pate à pain’ . This has been a spécialityof Douarnenez since 1860.180px-kouignamann




Next, the crepes. It’s a speciality made with eggs, milk, butter and flour. It can be eaten with salty and sweet ingredients. It look s like a pancake but crepes are not as thick.





Then, the Far. It’s a cake made with eggs, sugar, flour and often with prunes.far




There are a lot of other food specialities. FL

 » Be a guide to your region « 

2 10 2009

I write this article in order to talk about what people like and don’t like in douarnenez.

At First, people out there, don’t really like the weather because of the rain, the wind and the cold climate.

Douarnenez is a small town so people are not really happy about the size because there’s not a lot of stores like in a big city.

 But at the end, People Like the different places in douarnenez, like the skate park, the arts school ( where you can make some activities like playing an instrument ), a sort of a social club called la ‘mjc’, the stadiums( for the football ), cinemas ( for the new movies which come out)  and naturally the beach an important element of our town. AN

HellO !!

2 10 2009

Here is one legend of brittany !

fairy Viviane, the lady of the lake !300px-la_dame_du_lac

In wonderful and distant time, the lord of the name of dymas bought the castle on the lake of Comper. It is here what his daughter Viviane was born with the  magicpowers the future laidy of the lake ! In the delighted castle that Merlin built for her in the bottom of the lake. Fairy Viviane gathered and brought up the future Lancelot of the lake.

After the departure of the knight for the courtyard of the king Arthur, Viviane found the enchanter Merlin that she kept captive in  » Nine delighted circles » which still  keep him prisoner under the shades of Brocéliande.

Douarnenez’s activities. =]

2 10 2009

Even though Douarnenez seems to be a little city, there are really some activites for teenagers and other people.



First and Foremost, people who live in Douarnenez can go to the beach during the summer to swin, sun tan or play beach-volley, and during the winter and the other seasons, people can go for a walk.

Then , there is the sportive associations like football ( Stella Maris, Gladys), handball ( HBCD), tennis ( tennis des sables blanc), volley ball, dance and any others. The teenagers can practice sport during all the year for a little price. Moreover there are different associations for the old people like the « Magniolia » which is a meeting-place for the old people where they speak, laugh and practice activites like dressmaking or chess.

Next, people can go to « Rex » or « Club », these are the two cinemas of Douarnenez. The new movies are in Rex and the old movies are shown at the Club. The price to watch a movie is very expensive (7€) so not many people go to the cinema.

Douarnenez is a little town but people can go to Quimper or Brest to make shooping or go to  night club. Quimper and Brest are a more big town than Doaurnenez, and their activities are more numerous.

All things considered, in spite of appearance, there are many activities in Douarnenez, and the people of this city are as happy as there are big towns not far fromDouarnenez. =] lo


Brittany legend

2 10 2009

images1For example a legend of Douarnenez :

The legend tells that formerly castaways’ corpses came to run aground there

in a regular way.

Since, the tradition wants that every of these dead bodies  who fall in the bay(berry)

will return on November 2nd of every year to look for the alive which they liked.

We have some creature in Brittany like « korrigans » (they are spirits) and more …korrigan_korrigan1_m

Douarnenez …

2 10 2009

.bretagne.. it’s a little town which is situated in Brittany , at the west . The town is separated in

two villages : Tréboul and Douarnenez . We have two high schools , ours and an other

which is private and its name is Saint Blaise . We have many beaches because the

sea in front of the town ; the atlantic ocean … but the water is always cold even the

summer . We have many pubs because in Brittany we love  alcohol .