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QUESTIONS (wh- and yes-no questions)

Rappel des questions

1. Yes-no questions : on commence par l’auxiliaire (BE, HAVE ou DO) + sujet + complément ?

Are you French ? Are you fourteen or fifteen ? Are you nuts about science ?
Have you got any brothers and sisters ? (G.B) Have you got a pet ?
Do you live in France ? Do you enjoy reading ? Do you watch TV after school ?
Do they have any brothers and sisters ? (US).
** Do they spend a lot of time watching TV ?
** Have you been playing tennis for a long time ?

Is she English ? Is he fifteen ? Is he American ?
Has she got any brothers and sisters ? Has he got a pet ?
Does she live in England ? Does she like video games ? Does she collect badges ?
Does he practise sports ? Does she like playing music ?
** has he been practising sport since he was very young ?

2. Wh-questions : on commence par le mot interrogatif + l’auxiliaire (de support BE, HAVE ou DO) + sujet ?
What’s your name ?
How old are you ?
Where were you born ?
When were you born ?
How many brothers and sisters have you got ?
How many brothers and sisters do you have ? (US)
What are you crazy about ? what are you nuts about ? what are you fond of ? …
Where do you live ?
What do you like doing ? what do you enjoy doing ? what do you prefer doing ?
**How long have you been playing tennis ?
**How long do you spend on reading ?

What’s his name ? (male). What’s her name ? (female)
How old is he ? How old is she ?
Where is he born ? Where is she born ?
How many brothers and sisters does she have ? (US)
How many brothers and sisters has he got ? (GB)
What is he fond of ? What is she keen on ? What is she interested in ?
** How long has she been playing tennis ? (réponse avec for ou since)
** How long does he spend on reading ?
** How long does she spend on reading ? (réponse avec un quantificateur : a few hours, little time, much time, many hours… ou une expression comme : two hours a day, two weeks a month…)