Presidential Elections

19 10 2008
What is the name of the current President of the United States?
Is he a Democrat or a Republican? Click here for help
What are the two main parties in the US?
What are the symbols of these two parties? Click here for help
Give the names of this year’s candidates and their respective party Click here for help
How often do presidential elections take place? Click here for help

In France, voters go to the polls to elect the president

whereas in America voters go to the polls to elect the Electoral College.

According to you, what do the electors of the Electoral college do ? Click here for help

How many people are there in the Electoral College? Click here for help
After answering the last two questions,

say if ordinary Americans directly vote for the President

What do you call the team formed by the candidates for presidency

and vice-presidency? Click here for help

What will be the date of the Presidential election this year? Click here for help
When does the President deliver his first presidential speech

(give the date) Click here for help

Where does the President of the US live?
In what city? Click here for help


When you have finished, here is a game to help you locate the US states on a map

Camden on Fire

10 02 2008

London is a city which is famous for its many fires over time and history. For instance, in 1666 the Great Fire of London burned down the City,

Great Fire
or again in 1834, the Palace of Westminster, where you can find the Parliament was destroyed in the flames.

The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, by J. M. Turner (1834)

Why am I telling you about this today?

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