Blind test

23 09 2008

Now you can even play with the juke box on the side! Not here though, but on the excellent « Lire-Ecouter-Voir » where my colleague M. Augris turned my playlist into a listening quiz (cheers to him for this!)

By the way, Lire- Ecouter-Voir is a must-read, as it is dedicated, as its titles shows, to films, music, films, books and what I know…always in relation with the 6th form syllabus, nonetheless a real pleasure to browse and read, entertaining and educational…everything is said, isn’t it?

How eccentric are you?

2 04 2008

As we are talking about British eccentricity in class,  I suggest you take this quiz before Friday!

Please, leave a comment to tell me your result, and what you think about it!