Explore New York City!🚖🏙🗽 (3B/3D)

Hello year 10 students!

Here is a little exercise for you to practise the vocab of the city related to New York!

Practise and verify the correction on your copybook at the same time!👉🏻 Vocab!

See you!




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Should you practise your English? Yes you should! 💁🏻‍♀️👍🏼(4C/4D)

Hello students!

This morning, we practised giving advice. How about practising exercises now? Click and do your best!   Lesson + exercise for you!         Should vs could…                       Practise should!          Too much or too many?   

Refresh your memory on the PRETERITE!

The PRETERITE and the affirmative form…

The PRETERITE and the negative form…

The PRETERITE and the interrogative form…

How did the concept of fast food begin?      

See you!


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Can you describe? 🤓(6A)

Hello students!

Time to practise your English? Click on the links to revise 😉!  Can you locate elements?

Revise prepositions of location with a rabbit!

To be!

Revise to be!

Easy exercise: Be or have got?

Have got!

What can a superhero do? Memorize the vocab!

Practise pronunciation!!!

his or her???



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Ready to write and speak about your training period? ⌨️🗣🤓(3B/3D)

Hello Year 10 pupils!

How are you? Explore an exercise I have prepared for you by clicking here:

Vocab training period!

Don’t forget that you must utilize this vocabulary in your report …Here is a little reminder for you 👉🏻 What to write in my report?? (rappel + ajout de vocab)

Work hard and succeed!👍🏼


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Explore the vocab…! 🍔🍟🤮🤢 (4C/4D)


Hey students! Ready to revise and memorize the vocabulary of obesity? Click and enjoy!🤗

Supersize me vocabulary…🧐

and … anticipate the next class by revising the Superlative… the …🤔 what? Explore!

What is the Superlative?

Do you understand now?? Practise!
Practise numbers!

plus…… Explore a lesson on numbers over 100!

Lesson on the preterite….

Another lesson… (plus complet avec la liste…)

See you!


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Prepare for Final Project n°2! ☀️🌤🌧🌨💨(6A)

Hello students! How are you today?

This morning, the objective was to practise presenting the weather forecast. So… how about revising for FINAL PROJECT N°2? Just click and be the best!👍🏼👍🏼

Practise the text!

Practise cities (pronunciation)!👂🏻🗣

Practice the difficult vocabulary (pronunciation)!

Recap Chapter n°2 with a crossword!

See you! 


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Can you describe a film poster? 🤔(4C/4D)

Hello students!

I hope you had a good relaxing weekend 😏… Tomorrow, you will have to present the poster of you favourite film to the class …🤗 A few recommendations for you 👉🏻: Write your description on a clean paper and leave one line between each line, don’t forget to speak to the class and not to your paper (!) , utilize the space around the board, smile and come with your IPAD of course….

Here is a little exercise to practise the vocabulary we explored in class…but with a  different film poster: Exercise

Exercise 2

See you!


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Tell the time! (6A) 🧐⏰

Hello 6A!

Chapter n°2 is nearly finished, Final Project n°2 is coming …and this morning, the objective was to tell the time!

It’s time to revise it! Just click and practice to understand! 

Understand with a video!

Practice the time! 

Revise numbers…

Practise digital time!

Can you understand the time?

See you! MISS SOLTANI💁🏻‍♀️

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Happy New Year 2018 🎉🤗🙋🏻

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Happy holidays!🎅🏼 🎉⭐️🕺🏽💃🏻

Hey everyone! Hurrayyy! The holidays are here!

You can all be happy and relaxed now ✌🏼…Enjoy this special time and be prepared for 2018!

Happy holidays to all! The 6A class has something to tell you 👀👂🏻: just click and enjoy!🤗 best wishes 6A

See you! Miss SOLTANI 🙋🏻

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