The British royal family is expanding!💍👀👑🇬🇧🇺🇸

Good morning! What an exciting weekend! Are you watching the wedding???📺 🤔🤗 My advice? Try watching the wedding on an English channel such as BBC news or SKY news…: the coverage is more interesting and you’ll get to hear English! If you wish to find out more about the royal couple, feel free to click😉

 Meghan Markle’s biography 👰🏻

Prince Harry’s biography🤴🏼

How did they first meet?(video interview) 🧐

Explore simple wedding vocab activities!💍

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The breakfast dictionary is finally out!✊🏻(6A)

Hello 6A students and everyone!

As promised a long time ago, here is the breakfast dictionary! Just click and enjoy! It’s not perfect but it doesn’t look bad…😏

See you! Miss Soltani 🙋🏻

(PS: Chose promise, chose due… vous verrez que ce travail est un peu imparfait mais j’ai édité le travail avec les quelques éléments en ma possession… je n’avais pas toutes les lettres… donc j’ai fait quelques ajouts… et aussi certaines pages n’avaient pas tous les enregistrements audio  … mission accomplished!)

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Thank you 🙏🏼 and enjoy the Spring break 😎!

Hi everyone!🤓

Just wanted to say “thank you” for last Friday, a very special day for me … I have been so spoilt!☺️

Time flies! I hope that you have enjoyed this year with me and that you have developed an interest in English 🤔. If you have, then, it’s a victory for me… English is P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. to master!✊🏻

Have the most relaxing Spring holidays 🌷 and don’t give up because the end of the year has not come yet… except for me… 😏

Keep well xx

See you! Your teacher, MISS SOLTANI  👩🏻‍💻


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Talk about the Simpsons with the genitive! 👍🏼 (6A)

Hello 6A students!👩🏻‍🏫

How are you? Time to revise your English by clicking on the following exercises!

Family members!

Listening exercise!

Explore the genitive!

Enjoy! 🤗

See you! Miss SOLTANI 🙋🏻

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Revise how to describe a picture! 🤔 (6ème)

Hello 6A!

These days, we are revising how to describe a picture with the Present Be + V-ING… it’s so easy! Just click on the links 😉

Lesson + exercise           Practice Be + V-ING with the Simpsons! (cliquer sur l’ampoule en haut à gauche pour de l’aide vocab)

Lesson + many exercises! 

See you! Miss SOLTANI💁🏻

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Looking for Uncle Sam…(3ème)

Hello year 10 students!

How are you? You’ve probably finished working on the Uncle Sam poster of your choice. How about completing a crossword to add a bit more fun? Can you do it? Click and enjoy!

Propaganda Crossword

Vocab to describe… (fiche vocab)

Do you have time? ! Revise your English!

Check your grammar!


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Rrrrrrrrrrr…..🐯😉 (6A)

Hello 6A students!

How about practising your pronunciation with the last tongue twister we’ve explored? Ready for tomorrow? Play the video and practise! 👍🏼😉

Tongue twister R

See you! MISS SOLTANI 🙋🏻

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Can you understand a tale?🏡🙂 (4ème C/D)

Hello 4C and 4D students!

How about using your precious IPAD and revising your English? Let’s go!  Lesson Vocab!     Lesson transition vocab!

NEW!!Revise the preterite! (clique plusieurs fois)    NEW!!! More Preterite!

The 2 preterites!       Can you make sentences with the 2 PRETERITES?

  NEW!! -ED pronunciation

Revise, revise and revise!

The preterite in a text…

See you! MISS SOLTANI 🙋🏻

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Can you ask and answer YES/NO questions? (6A)

Hello students!

How about revising the lesson? You seemed a little confused last time…Just click!

Practice the lesson (yes/no questions and answers)

Explore a recap and do the exercise!

Do you understand now?? (Match!)

You are so lucky that your English teacher is so serious…



Can you describe a superhero?

Continue practising HAVE GOT!

Be or Have Got?

See you!


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Can you remember the lesson? 🗽(3ème)

Hi Year 10 students,

How about practising the vocab!?Just click! 

Lesson vocab!          NEW!!!Lesson 2 (immigration vocab)

NEW!!! -FUL? or -LESS?

Vito Corleone (video)


See you! MISS SOLTANI 🙋🏻

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