STEREOTYPES : What are they like?

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Dear students,
Here is a street-talk during which people in the street are asked about how they would describe what the Americans, the British, the French, the Italians and the Germans are like.

Have a good listening.

Here are the videos with subtitles :


MC Poussard

Actualité Certification de Cambridge 2010

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Les élèves de 2de Bac Pro Restauration 3 ans – 2nde Pro R –  présenteront les épreuves de la certification de Cambridge pour la session de 2010 selon le calendrier suivant :

– jeudi 25 mars – de 14h00 à 16h30 – Compréhension orale/Compréhension écrite/Expression écrite

– jeudi 15 avril  – de 8h00 à 12h30 – Expression orale, par binôme.

Les modalités de passation ont été spécifiées aux élèves par leur professeur d’anglais.


2nde ProR : paintings and colours

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This is the painting you have in your book page 26. It is called “Sunset, Canoe Lake” and its author is Tom Thomson.
Find information about the painter and describe the painting.

Sunset, Canoe Lake

Please post a comment. Get a help from the document you have at the bottom of page 26 and from the word list you were given in class.
MC Poussard

2PROS : describe a painting

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Dear 2PROS students,

We started a new lesson about arts as you are going to visit a museum soon. Here is an exercise for you… The painting was made by Munch, in 1893 and it is called “The scream“.


Using the vocabulary from the lesson you must write a comment on the blog :

1 ) To describe the pictures (who ? where ? what colours ?)
2 ) To give your feelings about the painting (emotion, feeling, opinion…)

You must do the exercise this weekend. Thank you !

P. Couturier

European Day of Languages is coming…

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Hello everyone,

On September 26th, we will celebrate the European Day of Languages. it’s a good occasion to celebrate Europe, languages, differences, traditions… Would you like to participate ? If you and your friends want to participate (music, arts, other activities…) you can tell your English teacher about it as soon as possible (= very quickly).


You will find information on this website :

and be able to discover and train on 24 European languages at

Thank you for your participation.

P. Couturier, D. Lubeigt, M.C. Poussard, L. Rogliano

H1 – 2PROS – 2PROR : Hello and welcome !

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Hello H1, 2 PRO S and 2nde PRO R students,

And welcome to the English blog. It’s your first visit here, but not the last one. Here are some audio links and videos with people, from different countries, giving personal information and introducing themselves. Listen to the audio files, and watch the videos twice and complete the document : name, nationality or country, studies or job, hobbies, family

Audio 2

Video 1
Video 2

P. Couturier / MC Poussard

Binge Drinking Deaths Double in 15 Years

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Dear students of R1,

Here are the 2 listenings that we studied in class about Binge Drinking.

Listening 1 : binge-drinking

Listening 2 : bbinge-drinking

Have a good listening and try to repeat, or even record yourself thanks to audacity.

MC Poussard

5 Signs You’ve Had One Too Many To Drink!

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A funny commercial showing what can happen from overdoing it at Video.action?videoGuid=238F4E96-949A-4AD6-94F7-7FCDC245C520

and for more details at

Watch these films carefully.
Work to do : post a comment in which you give details about what it is to be a “responsible drinker” and make a personal assessment of this document.

On your notebook, note the title of the document and write the 5 types of too much alcohool behaviour you have noticed with their symptoms.

MC Poussard

Living in the city or living in the countryside ?

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H2′ – MS2

Dear students, 

After reading and commenting upon the text “What future for the country ?” (New Goals Plus, p. 180-181), it’s now your turn to answer the question : do you prefer city life or life in the country ?

You can write your answer in the comments of this article. Do not forget to write your name at the end of the comment. Good luck. 

P. Couturier