thanks guys for noticing…

I made the necessary changes…

Now, if you can help me ask the last people to bring the yellow paper for the council… the winners are:

– Dinia / Bouhmarou / Ejjenane / Assemlali / Khalyat

please call them andmake sure they bring the paper back!!!!!!!!!


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charofsarath June 2009 at 16:30

Sir, hope your week end was fine,
Well, I just wanna ask you a little question about the last marks you put on the viescolaire website, what’s up witH those markes? Aren’t they supposed to be out of TEN and not TWENTY, it’s kind of weird thing … hope you could resolve the problem
Thank u.

Fikri Mamounth June 2009 at 11:40

Hello Sir, I want to thanked you for having made the effort to correct the note, furthermore I thank you for having taught me a lot of notions in English this year and the years before.


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