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Free Burma

A new post about an important subject: the current dramatical situation in Burma and the monks’ demonstrations in this country.

It is one of the historical event of the XXIth century to see anti -governement protests in Burma and the fight for the leader of the Burman opposition’s freedom Aung San Suu Kyi.

There are now worlwide marches :campaigners in 30 cities are stagging a serie of rallies against the bloody crackdown in Burma . It started at noon in New Zealand then moved to Asia and Europe , ahed of North America later.

The marches come as Western powers at the UN to condem the junta.


A monk: un moine

A demonstration: une manifestation 

bloody: sanglant

A crackdown: une répression  

Publié par Formosius le 6 octobre 2007 dans Non classé
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