Contemporary witness reports of the great war

The following lines are from letters, written by an english soldier, sent to his family.


Dear Mother

just a line to let you know that I am getting on alright. I hope you are the same. I am sorry I did not write before. We are so busy that I have had no time. We are confined to barracks so I can not get a stamp… I hope Tommy and Archie Hammond are all right. Give my love to Kitty, Lillie, Maggie, Freddy and Ted. I hope Dad is quite well… I thank you for forgiving me. I know I don’t deserve it. Tell Auntie Tot and Uncle Bob that I am getting on fine. Is Uncle Bob been called up yet? We are calling all our Reservists up and those on leave. This is all at present.

I remain your loving son, Stephen

The following lines are from letters, written by a french  soldier sent to his family.

The author Coquelin de Lisle, commander of the 255th. Infantry-brigade, died at Juni 11th 1916 at Fleury, Verdun :


My Marie,

it was god’s willing; this letter will be the last one, you will read! I write this letter, after i got the order, to lead an attack, wich will cost many lives – maybe also mine.

I’m glad to give my life to france, i worked my hole live for it’s size and it’s strength. I will fade away as a christ, after I’ve done my religious duty…

Those letters show, that the soldiers sacrifice their lives for their countries.

The war was horrible for everyone and took to many lifes at each side.

By Florian and Andreas

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