Summary of the visit

On sunday : The German pupil went to France (Lille), they arrived at 8.00 PM on Sunday and got recieved by their families where they spent the night.

On monday, we started school at 8.30 am and presented ourselfs, than we had to work in groups on the First World War to learn things about what we would be visiting in the week and then we went visiting Lille to see a few monuments and had free period where girls went shopping and boys stayed talking together.




On thusday we went to Peronne where we saw a mine hole from the first world war, it was more than 30m of perimiter, and then visited different cemeteries where were lying English, French and German soldiers who had died during the battle of Somme.







On Wednesday we left Lille by bus to go to Verdun where we visited „l’ossuaire de Douaumont“ and the Fort where soldiers defended Verdun during the war, then we went in a cottage where we slept for one night.


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On thursday we went to the memorial of verdun where ther was a lot of objects and documents about this terrible battle. Then we took the bus to go back to Germany, we slept in our families.




On Friday we woke up and went to school at 8,3
0 am, where we had to write a summary of what we did during the week and in the afternoon we did a football together, visited a little bit Garmisch and ate alltogether before going to bed to sleep;

On  Saturday… go back to France by bus…

By Leonard, Selin and Jean