Beaumont-Hamel and Newfoundland Memorial Park

We visited the Newfoundland Memorial Park of Beaumont Hamel. It is a famous site of the battle of the Somme. It was one of the fights the most murderous of World War I. On July 1st, 1916, at 9 am, more than 800 men of the  Royal Newfoundland Regiment , ron out of their trenches, but were quickely taken under the fire by the German machine guns. A half an hour later, there were no more than 68 soldiers.


 German group discovers the site

and the battlefieds



The article written about the visit of Beaumont-Hamel by Nicolas et Ian.

The Lochnagar Crater

The Lochnagar Crater is a commemorative site of the Battle of the Somme. Several hundred soldiers died on July 1st, 1916. This place marks the start of the Battle of the Somme by the British. At 07:28 am, a series of explosions created this impressive crater of more than 90 meters in diameter and 21 of the depth. Many British soldiers suffered the consequences of their attack by finding themselves buried under tons of earth. Every year, many people come out to commemorate this event and remembers the loss of so many brave soldiers.



The crater


Jeremy, Louis and Pierre wrote an article about this visit of the Lochnagar Crater .

You can find more information on the site



The Memorial of Thiepval

The Memorial of Thiepval is one of more impressive monuments of the World War I. This monument of stone and brick, visible for miles around that dominates the small village of Thiepval and the old battlefields. It is the memorial of more than 73000 British and South African, missing or fallen to the fight between July, 1915 and March, 1918.



Names are on the white stone on 16 pillars of the building.



A part of the group listens to the guide


 The cemetery

Quentin and both Thomas realized an article on this visit of the Thiepval Memorial , helped by Clémence and Valentin, the students journalists of the ESJ.