Jedi Temple


  • Keep your sense of (English) humour whatever your pupils’ questions
  • A pupil may hate English as much as he hates Maths: telling him how you fell in love with English may just help him change his/her mind
  • Don’t forget a mentally active pupil makes a relaxed teacher
  • A relaxed teacher makes happy pupils
  • It’s easier to learn when you feel happy 
  • Remember you were a child once who enjoyed telling stories, playing games and solving enigmas
  • Oral English may be felt as a maze of sounds and meaningless alien noises
  • Being evaluated is stressful because it means being judged
  • Self-assessment is somehow controlling the way you are being judged
  • Understanding why and how you are evaluated makes your work meaningful

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Software & Tools

  • Quizlet, une incontournable application en ligne, téléchargeable sur le smartphone, pour apprendre le vocabulaire, un outil de grande qualité à utiliser sans modération, des dizaines de combinaisons d’activités pédagogiques possibles