Paul Ricard


Paul Louis Marius Ricard was born on July 9th, 1909 in a small hill village in Provence, and died November 7th, 1997 at 88 years of age.   After studying at the Lycée Thiers in Marseille, he was discouraged from an early passion for painting by his father.

He was a French industrialist. He created pastis , an alcohol known around the world. But in the region, Ricard’s name is not only associated with an aperitif:

The man was passionate about sport and built a circuit at Le Castellet . Paul Ricard was also an environmentalist and the developer of two Mediterranean islands. In 1950 Paul Ricard Was the producer of one of the first French color film, « The House of spring ». Paul Ricard was the first les-pistes_01[1]commercial sponsor of the Tour de France in 1948.

His son’s name is Patrick Ricard. He was born May 13th, 1945 in Marseille and died August 17th, 2012 in Toulon, in the Var. He was a French businessman and industrialist.

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  1. Romane, Marwane and Chloé: Thank you for reading my article and yes, is a man very famous! 😀

  2. collegealaric11: Yes, I also find that he had a life interesting and… I have spoken to his son because I think it’s good to mention in this article but… I do not knowif he tookover the business, sorry.

  3. It’s an article very very interesting!!
    I didn’t know Paul Ricard I learned things on him.

    1. Oops, Chloe ! Remember… Where do all qualifiers go???
      « an article very very interesting » should be
      « a very very interesting article »
      And, by the way, find a synonym, please. Don’t use « very very » … extremely would be better.

  4. Paul Ricard is a man very very famous.
    He is above all famous in the south of France.
    This article is very good .

    1. « A man very famous » Oops! Where do qualifiers go???

  5. is a great article, i did not know Paul Ricard
    is very interesting

    1. « is a great article » Careful: there is no subject!
      « It is very… « 

  6. He really did have a very interesting life, didn’t he? He did so many things, outside of his (very successful) business…

    Thanks for this interesting article.
    But… why do you mention his son? Did he take over his father’s business?

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