The marketing Mix – The  » 4 P »

1/ DNL class  » economics in english » : what are our objectives ?

2/ What did we say about « communication » :

Who would you communicate with ?

What sort of communication exists in the professional world?

3/ Marketing , we started to speak about a definition . It is in fact the « 4 P » model.

What is it based on ? What are the « P » we talked about ?

Here is a video about the value creation thru marketing .

Think about your mobile phone. You wish to get a new one , what would you think of ? Which would be your questions ? Do you think that your parents , teachers or friends all have the same wishes for their phones ? What does that mean for a company ? for the marketing departement?


Now, let’s talk about Mac Donald’s . In your opinion on what are based their « 4P » ? 7

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