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Is Kari a good babysitter?

Friday, 19 June 04:22 pm
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The story of Moana

Friday, 12 June 06:43 pm

The legend of Pele – The goddess of volcanoes

Monday, 8 June 10:32 pm

Legend tells us that Pele was pursued by her ocean sister Namaka from island to island in the Hawaiian archipelago. At every stop, Namaka would rise and, in an epic battle, put Pele’s island-building volcanic fire out. And so it went, all down the chain, until Pele was able to find a home on the largest island in the chain, Hawaii Island, in the caldera of Klauea Volcano, out of reach of Namaka for now.

Pirates : Fact or fiction?

Sunday, 24 May 06:26 pm

Christopher Moody

Monday, 11 May 03:16 pm

On Christopher Moody’s flag, there was an arm in the centre with a dagger. There was also a skull with crossbones on the right and an hourglass with wings on the left.

Bartholomew Roberts

Monday, 11 May 03:10 pm

On Bartholomew Roberts’s flag, there was a man on the left with a hat and a uniform. On the right, there was a skeleton with an arrow in his left hand. They were both holding an hourglass.

Calico Jack Rackham

Monday, 11 May 03:05 pm

Calico Jack Rackham’s flag was black. In the centre, there was a skull, at the bottom of the flag, there were two crossed swords.

Pirate Flags

Monday, 11 May 03:00 pm

Match each pirate with the right flag.(Christopher Moody/Bartholomew Roberts/Calico Jack Rackham)

A recipe : How to make scones

Sunday, 10 May 02:39 pm

6 steps :

1/ Mix together the flour, the salt, the sugar and the baking powder. Then add the raisins and the butter.

2/ Add the milk to form a dough into a ball.

3/ Roll the dough out into a 2.5 cm thick round.

4/ Cut the dough into circles.

5/ Bake in a hotly oven for 15 minutes.

6/ Enjoy your scones !

How to make scones – Jamie Oliver

Sunday, 10 May 02:13 pm