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Merlin arrives at the city of Camelot, where the king, Uther Pendragon, has outlawed magic and imprisoned the last dragon. Merlin, who was born with extraordinary magical powers, is taken as the apprentice of Gaius. Merlin later discovers, after being informed by the last dragon, who is held as a prisoner deep under the city, that he has an important destiny in protecting Uther’s arrogant son, Arthur, so that he may grow up to found a great kingdom.

Main characters

  • Colin Morgan as Merlin: The main protagonist, a young, remarkably talented sorcerer who attempts to keep his powers secret.
  • Bradley James as Prince Arthur: the arrogant and reckless but kind and benevolent son of King Uther and future King of Camelot.
  • Richard Wilson as Gaius: Camelot’s court physician and one of the few to know Merlin’s secret. Gaius used to be a sorcerer himself and is something of an alchemist and magical scholar. He has a dry sense of humour and looks on Merlin as his son.
  • Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon: Arthur’s father and current king of Camelot. Uther is depicted as a ruthless and sometimes cruel man but he cares deeply about his subjects and friends however he can be sometimes blinded by his hatred toward all forms of magic.
  • Angel Coulby as Guinevere (Gwen): a servant and friend to Morgana. She has a friendly but occasionally antagonistic relationship with Arthur and it is implied that she holds romantic feelings toward him.
  • Katie McGrath as Morgana: King Uther’s ward and the daughter of his late best friend, Morgana is a regal and refined lady of the court. Deeply compassionate she is also secretly a seer.
  • John Hurt as the voice of the The Great Dragon: Merlin’s mentor and one of the few to know his secret. The Dragon appears omniscient and his motivations are unknown beyond his desire to be released from the dungeons of Camelot.
  • Michelle Ryan as Nimueh: The main antagonist of the series, Nimueh is here portrayed as a beautiful, powerful but amoral sorceress, bent on overthrowing Uther and Arthur and restoring magic to Camelot

Other information:

· The series went into production in March 2008, with filming taking place in Wales and France (at the Château de Pierrefonds).

Source: Wikipedia

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