Here is the correction for your menu (10/02/2012)

Quiche aux Fruits de Mer
Filet de Daurade Rôti au Basilic
Crêpes aux Pommes flambées.


For the starter the chef suggests a seafood savoury tart.

It is garnished with mussels, salmon, scallops and prawns as well as eggs, cream and butter.


Image de prévisualisation YouTube


For the main course the dish is a roasted sea bream fillet with its basil butter. It is served with a vegetables flan.

For the dessert, the chef has made delicious « crepes » or thin pancakes that are filled with flamed cramelized apples. The dessert is served with a scoop of cider ice-cream.


Here is a nice video of a sea bream recipe

Image de prévisualisation YouTube



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Today’s menu (09/02/2012) 1ère Prof cuisine

Gratinée à l’oignon

Onion soup sprinkled with grated cheese and crusted under the grill.

 Côte de Boeuf  vert-pré, beurre maître d ‘Hôtel

Grilled rib of beef garnished with matchstick or straw potatoes, watercress and a maître d’hôtel compound parsley butter containing lemon juice. 

Saint Honoré

A cake made with flaky pastry, surrounded with caramelized chou creampuff balls filled with whipped cream or *chiboust pastry cream ( *pastry cream flavoured with vanilla and lightened with whisked egg whites)

Image de prévisualisation YouTube



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Voici une proposition de corrigé pour les entrées de votre examen.

Toast with Mozzarella and preserved tomatoes on rocket salad and pine nuts

Thick slice of bread garnished with tomatoes preserved in olive oil and garlic topped with large slices of genuine/true/ real cow Buffalo’s milk Mozzarella cheese (Mozarella Di Buffala) served on a bed of rocket salad and pine nuts seasoned with an olive oil and lemon sauce.

Avocado filled with prawns and cocktail dressing sauce
Delicious avocado from Israel filled with shelled prawns from Brittany served in a cocktail sauce (mayonnaise + ketchup + whisky)

Borage ravioli, sage butter sauce

The ravioli are stuffed with ricotta cheese and borage and cooked in a chicken stock.

It is served with a delicate julienne of vegetables (shredded vegetables) flavoured with sage.

Caesar Mixed salad with omelette

The salad is composed of Italian Trevisse (small purplish lettuce with white veins? crunchy and bitter taste), Rocket salad from

Provence, spring onion, celery, artichoke, garden mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. It is accompanied with thin slices of onion and aromatic herbs omelette.

It is seasoned with a olive oil (Nice), xeres vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing.


Les entrées sont à savoir pour ce mardi 14 Février!

Si vous avez des questions, envoyez-moi un mail à [email protected]


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What do you know about thanksgiving?

Before watching the first video, go to http://wilstar.com/holidays/thankstr.htm and read the story of thanksgiving and then take the quizz.


Then watch the first video and fill in the worksheet.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube 










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You can find the article on the cream puffs here


and the one on the garden vegetable soup / country-style soup/ Farmer soup here




Thierry Sadiki




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Voici le document word à utiliser pour le menu chaque semaine (cliquer ci-dessous sur Today’s menu template)

Il contient toutes les informations nécessaires.





Here are 2 very nice videos explaining everything you should know about your uniform. Click below for the worksheet if you don’t have a copy of it.

Uniform worksheet



Second video and second worksheet

The chef’s uniform pdf 1

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


What differences can you spot between the 2 videos?

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at [email protected]



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Voici l’adresse de mon autre blog anglais resto cuisine


bonne journée


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Here is the video we are going to work on on the 19th of May.

This video is linked to an article and a worksheet.

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here are the 2 documents we worked on this afternoon.

The First one is a painting by Normann Rockwell and is called « Lady with a shiner ».

Homework: 1- Look for information on Normann Rockwell and be ready to share what you found with the class.

2- What happened? Get ready to tell your story to the class from notes.

The second one is the front page of the Eagle. Click on it to view it.

The Eagle Texas newspaper Front page

We will finish working on it next thursday.

Have a nice evening.


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