Proposition de corrigé pour le menu de l’examen du BEP service


Voici une proposition de corrigé pour les entrées de votre examen.

Toast with Mozzarella and preserved tomatoes on rocket salad and pine nuts

Thick slice of bread garnished with tomatoes preserved in olive oil and garlic topped with large slices of genuine/true/ real cow Buffalo’s milk Mozzarella cheese (Mozarella Di Buffala) served on a bed of rocket salad and pine nuts seasoned with an olive oil and lemon sauce.

Avocado filled with prawns and cocktail dressing sauce
Delicious avocado from Israel filled with shelled prawns from Brittany served in a cocktail sauce (mayonnaise + ketchup + whisky)

Borage ravioli, sage butter sauce

The ravioli are stuffed with ricotta cheese and borage and cooked in a chicken stock.

It is served with a delicate julienne of vegetables (shredded vegetables) flavoured with sage.

Caesar Mixed salad with omelette

The salad is composed of Italian Trevisse (small purplish lettuce with white veins? crunchy and bitter taste), Rocket salad from

Provence, spring onion, celery, artichoke, garden mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. It is accompanied with thin slices of onion and aromatic herbs omelette.

It is seasoned with a olive oil (Nice), xeres vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing.


Les entrées sont à savoir pour ce mardi 14 Février!

Si vous avez des questions, envoyez-moi un mail à [email protected]


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