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Day to Day Fiction

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You have to make  movie to show the usefullness of the Radi designers’s objet, Patrizia or Switch, and how they change banals objects.


 Patrizia, sonnette, Paris 1998
Matériaux: silicone phosphorescente, polystyrène thermoformé, klaxon à vent

Switch, interrupteur électrique, Osaka 1995
Matériaux: Bi-injection de polyuréthane de densité variable, composants électriques

 First, to help you, make  2 lists  : one with the vocabulary about the use of the object, and a list of the vocabulary about their meaning



An example of fiction about an usual object …

« Un préservatif peut sauver une vie » de Cédric Klapish

First reading level

A young woman came out of a building with a small suitcase and Kiki, a goldfish in a bowl. We understand that she has left a man because she complained to Kiki.
It is therefore understandable that Kiki is her confidant, her only friend and probably it's important.
She crosses the street in the middle of traffic, appearing, disappearing between  many cars, and we feel it would be dangerous.
And indeed, as she prepares to cross a street outside a crosswalk without looking to the traffic, probably concerned about what has happened to her , a car stop roughly and her bowl falls and breaks.
She  takes Kiki in her hands, she panics, what to do ? She notifies the green cross of a pharmacy, run, passes all customers queuing in the pharmacy, and cries she wants a condom.
The pharmacist and his assistant, gave a packaged condom. A client open the package, another filled with water from a providential bottle, and she slips Kiki in it.
The goldfish in the condom is save, and the slogan "a condom can save a life", appears... Happy end

Another level of reading ...
So of course, the young woman had just left his friend. We understand she will search a new friend, and it will be dangerous (traffic) if she doesn't protected her (she is like a goldfish in a bowl). The solution is obviously condom use .... Happy end ....


Has to make

A story board or/and a film

Some help

"Be kind rewind" de Michel Gondry, a story in which movie are made with nothing

Silhouettes animations

The Adventures of Prince Achmed, film by Lotte Reiniger the oldest animated fairytale with the silhouette animation technique


Princes et princesses, film by Michel Ocelot


Les débuts du cinéma

La trichotomie de l’objet pour l’étude de cas

Draw a human body

Daily tales

Day to Day Fiction

Sleeping cat corrigé

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