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Getting started with Photoshop

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Your workspace


Create a new document by selecting File > New from the menu bar.

Dimensions : 21 X 29 cms 

Be sure to set the resolution at 72dpi 

Then select the Text tool, and write the title of your page : that will be the name of the architecture you choose 

You have created a text layer

Slide your text where you want with the Move tool  


Open a new layer, by pressing Shift-command-N

Most of the Tools have Keyboard shortcut. You can find them in the flyout menus of the menu bar

Select an area with the Selection tool. By clicking on a black triangle, at the bottom right of the icon tool , you have access to the flyout menu of additional Tools.

Your area will cover your title

Select color, by clicking on the foreground color, and then choosing a color from the Color Picker.

Fill your selection with the Fill tool

Hide and show the shape, by clicking on the corresponding eye icon in the Layer palette

Then organise your layers, by dragging one above or below the other, in the Layer palette

Open one of the images, choose on Shigeru Ban website, by :

Selecting File > Open from the menu bar

Select the image by Command A and Command C, then turn back to your first page, and paste it by Command V

Now you can organise your page, as you like…


The website

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