Voyage à Belgrade

D'abord à Martigues (octobre 2011) … et bientôt à Belgrade (mars 2012) !

We are soon going to Belgrade! We are 13 French students from the Lycée Jean Lurçat and two chaperons (Mme Hocquet and Mme Ploye). The trip will last 6 days, from March 24th to March 30th. Our names are: Heloïse, Célia, Vincent, Laetitia, Pascaline, Sarah, Charlotte, Victor, Pierre, Romain, Mathias, Justine and Maryne. We can’t wait to come and discover Belgrade! We would like to visit the city, museums and the highschool and to see if it is really different from France.
Héloïse, Célia, Vincent.

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