First trip to Belgrade


Premier arrêt, encore tous en pleine forme !

Firstly, we waited for an hour in the bus station in Marseilles and then we went to the bus and started the trip to Belgrade. At 3 pm we had a break. After that at 9 pm, we had dinner and when we got into the bus again the driver put a movie on. At the end of the movie we started to sleep.

We arrived in Belgrade at 11.30 am, so a bit earlier than expected. It was a very long and uncomfortable  trip but we met friendly people on the coach. We crossed Italy, Slovania and Croatia before reaching Belgrade and discovering the high school and meeting our hosts. Vincent


 Arrivés et prêts à découvrir Belgrade

Arrivés a 11h 30, nous avons étés accueillis par les familles au lycée 3. Nous nous sommes ensuite reposés avant de tous nous retrouver une première découverte de la ville.

Lundi matin, de retour au lycée…                      Et si on essayait le serbe ?   « Dobar dan »            « Dovridenja »

« Hvala »             « Nema na cemu »               « ja se zovem Vincent »        « Drago mi je ! »

« Ne razumem »                   « ne govorim srpski »Première leçon de serbe…

Nous avons aussi fait connaissance avec d’autres élèves du lycée. Marine

What's your name ? … I am Mariama.


…well…er … pas si facile de trouver les bons mots !!!
Then, much later we had lunch at school where we could taste some Serbian food.                                                                             
 « well…it is different… but it’s quite good ! »
How amazing !!! It is so huge, so different from our French cathedrals !

Later in the afternoon, we walked to Saint Sava (une des plus grandes cathedrales orthodoxes au monde) where two Serbian pupils were our guides.

Then we walked to the French Institute where our hosts can come to read books, watch  films or listen to conferences…in French of course !

Finally we discovered one of the oldest streets of Belgrade. Petra

Mardi matin…                                      Let’s go to the museum !

Pour commencer cette journée nous sommes allés visiter quelques musées , comme celui de Nikola Tesla, un inventeur et ingénieur américain d’origine serbe, ayant principalement œuvré dans le domaine de l’électricité  , puis le musée ethnographique ou nous avons pu découvrir les différents costumes traditionnels serbes , nous avons aussi appris différentes choses sur l’habitat serbe et pour finir cette matinée nous avons été visité le musée pédagogique. Salomé

 Nikola Tesla Museum   
 « I’m scared ! », Mariama exclaimed.                          Ready for Star Wars ???

 Il a mis au point les premiers alternateurs permettant la naissance des réseaux électriques de distribution en courant alternatif, dont il est l’un des pionniers.

Le musée ethnographique                                        Et pour finir,le musée pédagogique !

A visit to the Ethnographic museum

It was unusually hot, that spring morning of April 13th just a day before the French guys’ departure. We were making our way through the buzz of the city centre.  You could see thousands of smiling faces and young people that have become one of the most recognized trademarks of this ever-increasing city. For not so long, we found ourselves between the giant columns of the Ethnographic museum . We were warmly welcomed by the curator’s advisor and shown the inside.

I don’t know about the French, but I certainly do know that for us, Serbs, it was then, when the love for our country and nationality broke through the surface and we could see the life of our progenitors passing in front of our eyes, like a black and white movie. Our interest for the museum collection that numbers about 150,000 items showcasing the rural and urban culture of the Balkans, particularly the countries of the former Yugoslavia, was more than strong. We were passing carefully through the exhibition glasses, examining one item at a time, imagining how the life must have been very difficult for our families in those days.  In past, Serbia has always been a place of many battlefields and conflicts, therefore it has never been given the opportunity to progress, economically, politically and socially. In spite of the circumstances, our people have found a way to develop their lives and culture in the dark times and every single artifact is contained in this museum. We were feeling a strong sense of respect and compassion for our progenitors  and the places we originate from. Somewhere between carriages and the models of rural houses, a pigeon find its place to stay and catch our attention. Who on Earth knows how he found the way to come in?! Maybe the cleaning lady forgot the window?? Chais pas!

All in all, It was an overwhelming experience, hanging out with French friends during their 5-day stay in Belgrade from which, in my opinion, both sides learned to appreciate lifestyles and backgrounds different from their own.

Ana Lepojevic

Mardi après-midi…                                      Visite guidée de Kalamegdan par nos correspondants…

In the afternoon , our hosts took us to Kalemegdan where we could admire the  beautiful landscape from the top of  the fortress.

                    To finish with,  we walked to the tower of Nebojsa, a monument built to the French that’s why it is called  » L’hommage à la France ».                       Vue du haut de la forteresse…   can we have a break ?

 Mercredi matin

De retour au lycée… Nos correspondants voulaient  voir ce que nous avions appris sur la ville de Belgrade… petit concours de posters…

What about drawing ?   Here is the Fortress, here is the school…

Et pour finir, avant de partir  quelques messages d’amitié… Valentin

Jeudi matin


le jour du départ…Les familles qui nous ont accueillis toute la semaine nous amènent à la gare pour prendre le bus. Et c’est parti pour encore 23h de bus. Ce sont les dernières heures que l’on va passer ensemble. Profitons-en !!! Maryne.

 We all met at the bus station at 10 a.m…. and had plenty of time to thank our hosts and say goodbye …except Petra who was very, very late. Actually she only arrived 2 minutes before the coach left !

so many borders … Serbia…Croatia … Slovania… Italy .. .               passports ready !!!
Friday morning… back in France…do we really look so tired ?

Et voilà , le voyage s’arrête là… Notre séjour à Belgrade est terminé et les vacances peuvent commencer mais avant allons nous déguiser pour le carnaval du lycée. Mariama.





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