Commentaire-Explication de texte




What is the passage taken from ?

This is a passage from…..

This extract is taken from …… which was published in…

The passage belongs to…

It is a good example of X’s  usual manner. It exemplifies his usual preoccupations.

The passage seems to be…. in X’s works.

It may be useful  to place the passage in its context, set it against its historical, social, political background, so as to bring out its real dimensions. Or on the contrary, the passage can be studied as a self-contained unit.

What is the genre of the passage ?

Is it descriptive, polemical, dialectic, controversial, explanatory, poetic, imaginative, autobiographical, didactic, sociological or a mere piece of entertainment ?

What is the passage about ?

The passage is about…/ concerns…/ is concerned with…/ deals with…

The passage is a detailed account of…

The passage points out that…

The point in question in the passage is…

The main idea of the passage is…

The problem discussed here is both acute and topical

The problem discussed here is much debated

The question under discussion is a baffling, debatable one. It has aroused much controversy.

X is a topic of current interest

X is a question of topical interest

It is one of the major problems of our civilization…

X  is much talked about nowadays

Opinions differ about X but if we are to believe the author…

According to the author/ writer,

Show the interest of the question raised…

The question raised in this passage is of major interest and deserves consideration.

We must start with a clear definition of the word X

The very title calls a definition

We must make it clear from the start what the writer means by…


 Several parts stand out in this passage.

The passage starts with a description, it then concentrates on… next it moves to….

The passage may be built on a contrast between …. and …

It is a narrative of events arranged in chronological order.

This passage is a logically structured demonstration

The whole passage reads like a unified whole

The passage is a rather loose arrangements of statements

Announcing the points for discussion

 The point of view

The Setting

The art of suspense

Characterization (psychological interest)

Argumentative texts : the passage is a social document, a social criticism


Assess the value of the text

The passage seems to suggest certain kinds of solutions…

The writer shows himself aware of current issues (problems)

He raises the problem of …

He does not try to conceal (evade) the problem…

He cannot of course be expected to settle (solve) the question.

The writer puts  forward a pessimistic (optimistic) view of the situation.

This passage throws light on … , reveals…

This passage makes a significant impact on the reader.

The writer draws on his own experience. He sticks to reality.

The writer is committed.

The passage conveys an impression of sincerity and honesty.

Giving your personal opinion

  • You agree with the writer’s judgement

I share the writer’s opinion

I agree with the author’s point of view.

  • You disagree with the writer

I  question the writer’s view

I must make certain reservations about X’s argument

I cannot completely agree with the author

His attempts to prove… is not convincing

The writer does not make mention of…

To express your opinion

In my opinion, / in my view/ My opinion is that…

To my mind,…Speaking for myself…