I don’t write reviews very often, but the entire pharmacy staff at these online pharmacies deserve more than five stars if I could provide it. I genuinely wish I could work with these people in other aspects of my life beyond just pharmacy. In a time where I find myself constantly let down by professional or customer service individuals, the members of this pharmacy staff continue to go above and beyond for me with no apparent gain for themselves. So many times, they exceed my expectations: from filling my prescription online in a matter of minutes to finding new discount coupons on Modafinil to lower my cost, to giving me recommendations on questions I have. Joel and his team truly are wonderful and have earned my business for life.

Pharmacy Montorgueil Parispharma (Rating: 4.1) [67 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France | +33 1 42 36 81 00 | https://montorgueil.aprium-pharmacie.fr/]

The pharmacy and staff are great. I have been a loyal customer since they opened. They are quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. Any negative comments or remarks toward them are false and are made up by jealous people.

Worst pharmacy ever. Even my doctor’s office nurses are frustrated with them. For the last two weeks, I have been trying to refill my Modafinil pills. In the same call to the pharmacy, they gave me several different excuses: the refill needs confirmation from your doctor, we could not contact your doctor, the doctor denied it, one pill is a controlled substance, and we cannot refill too earlier. The nurse called them while I was on the phone with her and an Pharmacy Montorgueil Parispharma employee said he put a note. When I told Pharmacy Montorgueil Parispharma was with the nurse when she called, the employee said that the doctor never called. So they called me a liar and an addict in the same tentatives to refill my pills for the last weeks, and I still don’t have the pills. I travel a lot for work, and I will not have enough pills when I am away. I am definitively not using this pharmacy anymore.

Pharmacie Internationale (Rating: 2.1) [5 Pl. Jean Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France | +33 1 48 78 38 12 | https://pharmacieinternationale.pharminfo.fr/]

Always a smiling face, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. So glad we have a hometown pharmacy we can rely on and not have to go out of town. Also, prices on Modafinil are just as good if not better than the supermarket prices 20+ miles away.

This is a very organized store, and I found exactly what I was looking for. However, I found myself being followed around the store after Modafinil’s purchase. I simply wanted to look around, being that I own a health care company, and the lady continued asking me, « what are you looking for » after telling her three times I didn’t need help, I’m just looking. She turned to my friend and asked her,  » so what is she looking for? Smh, very uncomfortable, not very welcoming at all. When I walked to one side of the store, so did she. 9 times out of 10. I will never return to Pharmacie Internationale.

Pharmacie Matignon (Rating: 3.6) [1 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris, France | +33 1 43 59 86 55 | https://pharmacie-matignon.com/]

With Covid-19 restrictions in place, our curbside service at Pharmacie Matignon is excellent! The entire staff works together to see pickup prescriptions are quick & accurate! They are now testing for Covid-19 at this pharmacy. I am very proud of our hometown store!! When I enter this store, I am always greeted by smiles and called by my first name. The staff tries their best to find an affordable price for Modafinil and other medications. Quick service even on orders placed for medical items shipped.

In the past, this pharmacy has been ok when filling prescriptions. I get that they are very busy, but that is absolutely no excuse to be out and out rude to their customers. I have been waiting for a week and a half for my prescription. Today I called, and she said, well, I don’t know when we will be getting it in. Seriously! No ok. It seems to me they act so rude because they are one of the few pharmacies out here.

Pharmacie Bader (Rating: 3.6) [10-12 Bd Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France | +33 1 43 26 92 66 | https://pharmaciebader.com/]

This Pharmacie Bader is very customer-friendly. It’s not like going in not one of the big town WPs. They treat you like your family and go out of their way to take care of you. The pharmacy manager, Jennifer (I think), trains her team to treat customers like they are their family. Good job, yall! There is a gentleman pharmacist who takes time to talk and help without rushing you, and there are only good things I can say about the rest of the team.!

Updated: I will say I am very disappointed. It seems that Pharmacie Bader struggles with keeping Modafinil in stock. They also struggle with friendly, knowledgeable techs. I took off a few stars from my old review because of this change. Old 5 Review: They are the Best. They always have what I need. They are very quick & try to find you the best price!! I switched a few years ago from Walgreens because they were a nightmare. Pharmacie Bader is tenfold better!