Buying Modafinil Online: Everything You Need to Know

Buying Modafinil Online: Everything You Need to Know

Our goal is to provide a search for the offers of pharmacies with the highest rating among buyers, provide up-to-date information on the prices and availability of Modafinil, and make searching more simple and fast.

Pharmacy Montorgueil Parispharma (Rating: 4.1) [67 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France | +33 1 42 36 81 00 |]

First time coming to this pharmacy to get a script filled, and Wow, the rudest pharmacy staff I have ever dealt with. I will definitely never come back to this Pharmacy Montorgueil Parispharma or Walgreens again.

Great job. I had called a previous Safeway pharmacy and received rather poor service. I had a much better experience with this location. I arrived to pick up some medication not covered by my insurance. Even though I already had a coupon, the pharmacy was able to find another that lowered the price further. I will be continuing to use this location after a service like this.

Pharmacie Internationale (Rating: 2.1) [5 Pl. Jean Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris, France | +33 1 48 78 38 12 |]

My doctor prescribed new meds, I normally don’t take anything, so this was a big change. Leslie, the pharmacist, was so kind to me. She took me aside and explained, in detail, everything I needed to know about this new medicine. She was very informative and took extra time with me. It really showed me she cared. I’m so glad I switched my prescriptions to Pharmacie Internationale!

I got around one of my Covid shots here and was impressed by the staff reaching out to call people who registered for appointments and check that they had received another email with more paperwork to fill out online before arriving after I failed to check my email in the hour leading up to my appointment (the staff waited for me to complete the forms on my phone). I ended up being late for my shot by about 10 min, but there, fortunately, was no backup. This is a much smaller pharmacy than the CVS and Walgreens stores, and there are no extra nurse practitioners on-site to administer vaccines, answer calls, or verify the information. Kudos to the regular staff for doing the extra leg work on top of the regular day-to-day load (I hope everyone is at least making an extra $$$ for the additional labor). Many of us would have to make much longer trips (and therefore possibly take more time off of work) to get vaccinated right now if independent pharmacies were not offering appointments.

Pharmacie Matignon (Rating: 3.6) [1 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris, France | +33 1 43 59 86 55 |]

Let’s talk about that pharmacy staff. Rude, quick to push you off, unavailable (stood in line waiting to be acknowledged for way too long), while employees stand around chit-chatting. Meanwhile, I have a 30-minute wait for breathing medication because they’re really backed up. Maybe if you quit talking and started working, you wouldn’t be behind? I sent my Rx here because I didn’t want to give Pharmacie Matignon any money, which I hadn’t made this decision. At least they are quick and polite. I don’t leave bad reviews, I just move on, but while I sit and wait for my medication to be filled, I’ve watched the pharmacist wave at people, employees go in and out from behind the counter, and it’s just super unprofessional.

The greatest pharmacy ever !! Friendly staff, quick service, and you are treated as an individual, NOT a number like big establishments such as Walgreens, where you have to wait for hours or sometimes days before getting your medication. They know and address you by name when you enter their establishment once you have been going there a short time. I would and have recommended this small town pharmacy to anyone at any time!!

Pharmacie Bader (Rating: 3.6) [10-12 Bd Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris, France | +33 1 43 26 92 66 |]

I love this place because they’re like family to me and I know all the people that work there and I’ve been doing business with Jimmy bucks since I think they’ve been in business, and they’re very good about answering whatever questions you got about you’re med’s and there very nice especially Jackie pickles and Jimmy I recommend everybody to go by and try Pharmacie Bader.

Daisy is completely unprofessional, same with the majority of the women who work there. They were literally charging all my medication under one insurance card when I repeatedly told them I also have worker compensation insurance. They kept charging me for medication when I kept telling them I didn’t have to. I had to point it out again on another day to a different employee, and she finally got it right. I told her I would pick up my other medication another time and she was literally freaking canceled the whole pill order. That’s not what I meant when I said I was going to pick up the medication later, and the lady also didn’t make that clear to me when I requested that. This location is just BS, and they are also giving me an issue.