Should Britain abolish the monarchy?

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Les 3e euro lancent le débat : la monarchie en
Grande-Bretagne a-t-elle encore une raison d'être ?

Should Britain abolish the monarchy ? Come and discover
the debate between several people's different opinions.
A lot are in favor of the abolishment
of the monarchy whereas a lot are against it.
What is your opinion?
For instance, would you rather agree with Dr Stephen
Haseler or David Jackson?
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les 3e euro ont lu pour vous : Police in Schools

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    In Speak Easy magazine, you can read :

    In front of all the social problems in schools, the police presence has become a real debate.

For or against ? The opinions are divided.

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Easy going : les débats en question … and in English !!!

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Do you think if you study in a single-sex school, it would be more beneficial to you than in a mixed one ?

Join the debate in Easy going XXXI n°1 September 2010 and Speakeasy XXXI!!!

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