Oxana Bogachkina about Tesla


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Nikola Tesla, a man who revolutionized the world with his inventions, deserves our gratitude every time we switch on a light or plug in an electronic device. Not only do we owe Tesla for global electrification, but also wireless communication and radio. Tesla was a genius of his epoch who generously passed on his heritage to us.

Besides his discoveries, I appreciate Tesla’s personal qualities, his will, and his efforts to improve the world by providing people with free, accessible energy. During his life he had to overcome many obstacles including the War of currents with Thomas Edison, who was jealous of Tesla’s new and more efficient alternative current system, the endless attacks of J.P. Morgan, insatiable for the profit of his company, and finally poverty at the end of his life… Still, nothing ever corrupted this man: neither money, nor the threats of ill-wishers.

I find it important for people to be aware of the scale of Tesla’s contribution to the development of humanity and to share their appreciation with each other. Personally speaking, I myself was inspired by the workshop about Tesla given by Aleksandar Protic, during the Youth Forum “Greater Europe: focus Russia” in Strasbourg (2013).Thanks to this workshop I got an incentive not only to learn more about Tesla and his life, but also to share what I had learned by telling others about this great person – a man whose name should not be forgotten and whose impact on our lives should not be underestimated.

Oxana Bogachkina

Moscow State University School of International Relations