The Arts and the Worlds


Club UNESCO Sorbonne is proud to participate actively in one of the largest French cultural festivals : “The Arts and the Worlds”, placed under the patronage of UNESCO, the Mona Bismarck American Center and benefits from the support of the City of Pantin.

Atelier TESLA took place on 11 June 2016: The introduction was made by one of the organisers, Yannick Le Guern- director of the Golden Brain Art, president of the B1-AKT and a former advisor to the French Minister of the Interior.

Keynote speaker was Aleksandar Protic, Chief coordinator of the Sorbonne University Tesla Memory Project, followed by Umesh Mukhi, Director of the Sustainable Leadership Initiative and the Academic Coordinator of the EuroMBA at Audencia Business School. The atelier TESLA was moderated by Milica Mitrovic, UNESCO.

Atelier TESLA

The famous festival of Arts and Interculturality, created in 2007,  by the Association “ Arts -Worlds -Cultures” took place this year from May 21st until June 14th in Pantin, the small Brooklyn 21th district -France. The 2016 year theme is: “United towards Renewal”. The objectives of ” The Arts and the Worlds ” festival are as follows :

– Promote the values of citizenship, solidarity, transmission, live together and especially build together in a common frame, that of the republican values.

– Gather and create links between the populations of all the districts and any socio-professional or cultural category in a common event and in a production of collectives-common works: the walls of renewal.

– Create intercultural links and synergies, this year between 3 guest countries: the Romanian, French and American cultures.


Programme: Contemporary Art / Raw Art / Street Art / Concerts / Opera/Performances / Movies / Projects / Meetings / Conferences / Debates / Global Citizenship /

Projects: insertion, education, innovation, arts, culture, citizenship action, workshops As one of the largest cultural events in Paris, the Festival receives considerable publicity, typically reaching thousands of readers and viewers through print and electronic media.

The Festival was named the « Magical Dream of Culture» and has also been the subject of numerous books, documentary films, education articles, and debates. The Festival has featured exemplary tradition bearers from more than 25 nations being an exercise in cultural democracy, in which cultural practitioners speak for themselves, with each other, and to the public.

Tesla Arts Mondes

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