Dusko Bojanic: virtual painting exhibition « Au-delà »

Dusko Bojanic was born on August 18th 1985 in Banjaluka, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s city with a richly abundant heritage and landscape. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Banjaluka in 2016, in the class of professor Jelena Karichik, Dusko got acquainted (immediately inspired) with the artwork of painters such as Sokic, Kandinsky, Miro and Monet and therefore specialized in the art of painting using oil pastel, charcoal and color pencil.

Dusko’s main source of inspiration are his daily life and surroundings: reality transposable into geometric and organic shapes, through a painting process based on XX century painting. Over time, he developed a penchant for abstract expressionism. Simultaneously, he has been creating heraldic artwork, print, calligraphy, vexillology and ethnographic textile art. Dusko is also a devoted artist for Sustainable Development Goals, linking the Arts to Sustainable Development.

Dusko Bojanic’s artworks are displayed in museums, universities, privately owned collections, or were published in publications of organizations such as the European Council for High Ability. He is Sorbonne UNESCO Club’s Art Ambassador.

Still life, 7oil pastel, 70×70

Still life, oil pastel on paper, 80×80

Still life, 75×50 oil pastel

Still life, 60×40, oil pastel

Riddle, 100×70, oil pastel

Firework, oil pastel on paper 100×70

Studio, oil pastel, 70×35

Bottles, oil painting, 100×70

Neighbourhood, oil painting, 110×80