Valentine special

You’ve got the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

You are better-humoured than Mr Bean

You’re the prettiest girl I know

Your skin is whiter than snow

You are cuter than Angelina Jolie

You are cleverer than Marie Curie

Your eyes are brighter than a diamond

You are softer than pure cotton

You are more radiant than the sun

You are funnier than a pun

You have the sweetest smile in the world.

Your voice sounds nicer than the song of a bird

Your laughter sounds clearer than mermaids together

I love you forever

(A big thank you to my team of poets : Camille x 2, Christophe, Maxime, Lucas, Lise, Laura, Derya, Léa, Basak, Meriem, Théo, Michelle, Marie, Julie and Sokayna. You’ve worked really hard on those verses !)

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