I. 1. Visionary and creative imaginary


 How much do you know about Greek / Latin gods and goddesses ?

 Revise how to identify visual documents

 Discuss and remember : Theories of composition

 Revise how to situate elements on a picture

 Observe and express yourself – Promethus (Elsie Russell, 1994)

gris Revise when to use capital letters

gris Revise how to express purpose

 Revise how to talk about qualities and flaws / failings / weaknesses

 Show you know how to talk about qualities, / failings / weaknesses

 Show you know how to talk about villains

 Mount Olympus – vocab (crossword puzzle)

 Read to develop your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary – Prometheus

litegreensq Auditory discrimination – Words from the extract studied in class

flashypink How to express means or purpose – worksheet

 Prometheus – verbs to remember


 Observe and express yourself – Frankenstein, a graphic novel

 Gothic Literature (ppt document)

 Elements of the Gothic novel

 Read to obtain information – Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Past simple

light_blue Frankenstein – worksheet – Printable version here

flashypink How to talk about the past – worksheet

 Listen and enjoy : more about Frankensetein

 Follow this link to listen to the audio-novel : “Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus



 Read this article and find the English for …

 Read a COMPLETE short story – Supertoys Last All Summer Long (Brian Aldiss)

 Watch and comment

gris Revise how to use the Passive voice

flashypink Pracise the Passive voice – worksheet