I. 2. Frightening imaginary


 Observe and describe this cartoon – Kevin, the pig

 Observe and describe the experiment in your own words – Cloning Dolly

 Show you know how to talk about cells

 Listen and try to understand – pay particular attention to the figures – Cloning pets

 Show you know –  cloning : vocabulary


 Observe and describe – processing embryos

 Listen and show you understand – Human cloning  (Edpuzzle activity)

 Read to obtain information – The first cloned human being?

 Watch and try to understand – Welcome to Gattaca

 Watch and try to understand – Gattaca worksheet


 Try to memorise the following words – They’ll be useful to describe the next document

 Read and show you understand – Orwell’s Brave New World

gris Revise : Relative clauses

 Practise : Relatives

 Follow the link if you want to know more about Eugenics / Eugenism

 Follow the link if you want to know more about sex-selective abortions