I. 3. Utopia and Dystopia


 Observe and describe – Dystopia vs Utopia

 Read and try to remember _ More’s Utopia (extracts)

 Listen and show you understand

 Show you understand – Science Fiction

 Watch and try to understand

flashypink  Show you understand – Extract : Total Recall (1990)

 Extract : Total Recall (1990) – correction


 Laura’s carbon card

 The power of prediction – The Carbon Diaries 2015

 Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics

 I, robot – a picture to describe

 Liar ! Isaac Asimov


 Show how much you know about famous Science-Fiction writers

 A short biography of Ray Bradbury

 The power of imagination : The Veldt (Ray Bradbury)

 Show you know – The Veldt (MCQ – pages 1 & 2)

 Show you know – The Veldt (MCQ – pages 3-8)

 Show you know – The Veldt (MCQ – pages 9-11)

 Watch and try to understand