II. 2. Social interaction

 Observe and express yourself

Practise! Worksheet – Class reps (and modals)

 Revise how to talk about your personality

 Read and try to understand – Student council representative

light_blue Student council executive – worksheet

Greensquare Expressions or sentences about school life

gris Revise how to express advice

 Read and comment : Students’ popularity


 Read, describe and comment – ‘Always more’

 Read, describe and comment – pocket money

 Read and comment : Teen’ shopping addiction

 Listen and discuss – Teen cosmetic surgery

light_blue Renada– worksheet

 Read, describe and comment

 Describe, study  and comment

 A short biography of William Gerald Golding

  Describe and spot the differences – Lords of the Flies

 Coming of age : Lord of the Flies (printable version)