II. 3. Face to face

 Observe and express yourself – Love & hatred

 Revise how to use adjectives + a preposition

Practise! Worksheet – Feelings

Practise! Feelings : – ed or -ing?

 Read, learn and try to remember : Poetry

 What is poetry ? ppt document (source : www.bwctc.northants.sch.uk)

Practise! Practise ! Show you can identify the rhyming pattern (The Reverie of Poor Susan)

Practise! Practise ! Write rhyming lines

 Read and show you understand – Merry-Go-Round (Langston Hughes)1_banner1

 How much do you know about race relations from the end of the Civil War to 1969 ?

 How much do you know aboutthese famous black leaders?

 How well can you identify the following black leaders?

 Find who they are.

 Observe and express yourself

 Slavery in the United States

 Black history timeline (printable version here)

 How much do you know about slavery?

 Observe and comment – white slaves

 Read to obtain information – The white slave children of New Orleans

 Listen and discuss – The drop

 Read and show you understand- The tragedy of Puddin’ Head Wilson

 Observe and express yourself – Album cover of ‘Strange fruit’

 Listen and try to understand

 Read to obtain information – The founding of Liberia

 Listen and express your feelings

 To know more about the US Black population, follow this link