I. 4. A world of geniuses ?


Founding gestures and Worlds in motion


 Observe and say what you know – Chinese abacus

 Read to develop your knowledge and enrich your vocabulary – the ancestor of computers

 Show you know how to use an abacus

light_blue Abacus – worksheet

gris  Revise how to use the passive voice

 The passive voice – online exercise

 The passive voice – Worksheet

gris Revise how to talk about numbers and figures

 Observe and comment – The perfect counting device !



 Observe and describe – Computers in the 40s

 How much do you know about the history of computers ?

gris  Revise how to compare (two) things

 Listen and show you understand – The Enigma machine

light_blue The enigma machine – worksheet

 Read and show you understand – Alan Turing’s invention

light_blue Turing – worksheet

gris  Revise how to use the Conditional 

 Observe and comment – The history of computer science

 Observe and analyze – Processing Power

 Listen and show you understand – The secret world of ones and zeroes

 To learn more about the impact of technology on the market, follow this link


 Observeand comment – Time spent on screen media daily

 Observe, describe and express your feelings – Moore’s laws : “How long Moore’s law will continue is of course up for debate …”

 Read and debate – Do computers have feelings?

gris  Revise when and how to use Present simple

 To learn more about the similarities between the brain and a supercomputer, follow this link

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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