Frankenstein – words to remember

Bleak / grim = morne, lugubre
Crepuscular / tenebrous / sepulchral = crépusculaire, sépulcral 
Dismal / dark / depressing = lugubre, triste
Dusky / dark / dim = sombre, peu éclairé
Eerie / mysterious / creepy = étrange, inquiétant
Gloomy = lugubre, sinistre
Murky = trouble, glauque 

The key features of Gothic architecture
An architectural style that flourished /?fl?r??t / in Europe during the High and Late Middle Ages

 The height of the building to reach up
to the heavens
 The flying buttress, both practical
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 The pointed arch 

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 The vaulted ceiling 

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 Light, airy interiors

 The gargoyles

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