IV. 2. Our future in a test tube?


Founding gestures and Worlds in motion


 Observe and express yourself – Cartoon : Voice-activated navigation

 Revise your vocabulary – Computers and IT

 Listen and try to understand – The dangers of Big Data

 Read to obtain information – Orwell’s Brave New World

light_blue Brave new world – worksheet


 Observe and describe the experiment in your own words – Cloning Dolly

 Observe and describe this cartoon – Kevin, the pig

 Show you know how to talk about cells

 Listen and try to understand – pay particular attention to the figures – Cloning pets

 Show you know –  cloning : vocabulary

 Read and discuss – Human cloning made possible?

 Listen and show you understand – Human cloning ( https://edpuzzle.com/join/cufupfa )

flashypink Practise ! Causative clauses


 Read and express your own point of view – Googleburger

 Listen and discuss – Stem cells

 Watch and try to understand – Welcome to Gattaca

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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