IV. 3. Moving images


Founding gestures and Worlds in motion


 Observe and express yourself

 Film genres

 Vocabulary : Cinema and television

 Can you identify these blockbusters?

Show you know – Films : verbs to remember

Show you know – Films genres

 Observe and express yourself

 Listen and try to understand – Why are fantasy films so popular?

 When you go to the cinema – Useful questions

 Brainstorming – adjectives to describe films

 To know more about the history of moving images, follow this link



 Listen and try to understand – The Onion Reviews – Jurassic World

 Contest : Write the funniest dialogue !

 To know more about the differents camera shots, follow this link !

 Can you identify the following camera shots ?

 Camera shots : which is which ?

 Observe and describe – War of the worlds

 Revise how to conjugate a verb in the Present continuous tense

gris  -ed / ing participles. Don’t mix them up !

 Before being a blockbuster – the history of Welle’s “War of the worlds”

light_blue Revise : The Past perfect

litegreensq Stress in compound words


 Read and express your own point of view – Improved reality

 Listen and discuss – Do video games  improve human performance?

 Get ready to express yourself in writing

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