III. 2. Words, the key to freedom

Founding gestures and Worlds in motion

 Observe and express yourself

 Slavery in the United States

 Black history timeline

 How much do you know about slavery?

 Listen and try to understand

light_blue Roots – worksheet

 How much do you know aboutthese famous black leaders?

 How well can you identify the following black leaders?

 Find who they are.

 The problem we all live with – Art

 Listen and try to understand – Martin Luther King’s biography

 Read the following articles and complete the blanks with one of the words you’ve just learnt

gris Revise how to express similarities and differences


 Observe Margaret Thatcher’s body language and comment on it

 Listen and try to get information – I have a dream

 Read the following speech to obtain information – Mandela’s presidency speech


 Read and study – Barack Obama’s inaugural address

litegreensq Listen and study Martin Luther King’s last speech

 Get ready to express yourself orally

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